Back to school special!

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We can’t believe that summer is almost over. The good news is that it marks the beginning of a new school term in most countries, which means new friends, new fun activities, new inspiration and new things to learn for young creators! The beginning of a new school year is the perfect time to reflect on what happened over the last 12 months, and how schools have started to work with More

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Is boredom the best thing that can happen to young Creators?

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Yes, we’ve all been there – succumbing to the urge to fill every second of our children’s lives with activities, checking on them every five minutes, sending them off to school equipped with sanitizer in one hand and a charged phone in the other, micromanaging their every waking minute… So-called “helicopter parenting” is now an epidemic, and children are suffering as a result.Read More

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Creators’ feet are made for walking

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The school term is fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning how children we take care of (be it as parents or instructors) get to school. But did you know how vital this journey is and the effect it can have on a child’s well being?

Research shows that fewer children than ever walk or cycle to school. The number being driven almost doubled in last 20 years and now around 87% of pupils are ferryed by their parents (compared with only 52% in 1969; US data.) Traffic safety, time pressure, and stranger danger are the foremost concerns of many caregivers. With the growing percentage of overweight and obese children (more that one third of all children; US data), it’s critical to find ways to overcome these obstacles and get children moving. Read More

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There’s more to play than just playing

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There are lots of articles on how important it is for children to play. But why is it so important and how does it impact a child’s social existence?

To answer this question, we first have to define what play means. Play development studies have produced many theories, and the experts are still discussing it, but most of them agree that playing can be defined as something that is: Read More

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Back to blogging + The importance of developing children’s natural creativity

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Yay! We’re blogging again! With rapidly growing, we hope that our blog will become a place to discuss and share various perspectives on children’s creativity, learning / unlearning, childhood development, teaching methods, and all things related. In our first blog post after a bit of a break, we would like to share our views on why we feel it is important to develop the natural creativity that exists in young children. Please feel free to comment and discuss this subject below – your personal ideas will be very much appreciated! Read More

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Login ID’s for Creators!

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We have been hearing from our Users that Creators want to do their own uploading, browsing, and bubbling.  In fact, Creators have been telling us that themselves!

We have also heard from instructors who would like their students to be able to leave comments on each other’s Creations.

We have spent some time to figure out the best way to allow this happen in a simple, fun, and importantly safe way so that even  our youngest Creators can explore and enjoy Creatubbles themselves, with their own accounts.Read More