International MinecraftEdu Art Project 2017-08-21T10:11:18+00:00

CoderDojo Champion and Minecraft Educator Marco Vigelini, from Italy, is calling for schools around the world to join him in a MinecraftEdu project starting on April 15 and running until the middle of May.


Kids will create pieces of art (drawings, paintings etc) about the country, city or neighborhood where they live, and use the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod to share it in a huge beautiful in-game art gallery. The gallery and Minecraft world has been built by Minecraft experts Solari. Students will be able to visit all the exhibitions that other kids from around the world have created, as well as leave messages for each other.

Better yet,  if they are online at the same time, they will be able to interact with each other in real time (supervised of course!).

As Marco himself said: “I would like kids to understand there are other kids in the world, and that even if they’re from different culture, have a different language, are a different age, or are very far away in a different country they are all connected by creativity!!!”

Please contact before May 1st if you would like to take part. There is also more information in the PDF below.

Creatubbles Minecraft MOD event