Creatubbles™ is the safe global community for creators of all ages.

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1. What is Creatubbles?

2. How does it work?

     a. What devices can I use Creatubbles on?

3. How do I join Creatubbles?

4. How do I personalize my profile?

5. How do I upload creations?

     a. Why was my creation not approved?

     b. How do I edit/delete my creations?

6. How do I create a gallery?

7. How do I give a creator login access?

     a. How do I set or edit my creator’s password?

8. How can I use Creatubbles in the classroom?

     a. How do I add my students?

     b. How do I add my students simultaneously?

     c. How can my students’ parents co-manage their accounts?

     d. How do I connect & collaborate with other instructors?

9. How do I use Creatubbles beyond the classroom?

10. I like writing blogs. How do I become involved with Creatubbles’ blog?

11. How do I get help?

12. Partnerships & apps

     a. How can I embed my Creatubbles galleries into my website?

13. Creatubbles “how & why”

14. Creatubbles™ copyright in “plain English”

1. What is Creatubbles?

Creatubbles™ is the safe global community for creators of all ages. It is the perfect space for children, families and teachers to save, share, discover and interact with multimedia creativity portfolios. It is used by creators in more than 50 countries, whether they are at home, school, an event or activity.

Creatubbles™ recognizes the fundamental importance of creating a place where anyone from anywhere in the world can participate equally, comfortably and safely. Trusted by schools and organizations worldwide, it can be accessed on desktop, mobile or tablet and is free to users.

Creatubbles™ is an integrated creativity ecosystem with a growing list of partners that believe in nurturing creativity through a safe and supportive environment.

As a “Share with Creatubbles” partner, any company, organization or individual can now very easily connect to and use Creatubbles™ to engage in meaningful (and creative!) ways.

2. How does it work?

Once a creator has a Creatubbles account, they can share their creations on their accounts and public galleries. Creators can upload images of art they’ve physically created, photographs, digital works such as Minecraft builds, animations, videos, music and other types of audio files that are original pieces of work.

Creators can also name their creation and give an artist statement about the piece.

They can create and share galleries to showcase group projects or specific initiatives or upload creations to their own personal digital portfolios.


Once a creation is uploaded and approved by the Creatubbles team, creators all over the world can interact with their creation by “bubbling” it or writing a message.

2a. What devices can I use Creatubbles on?

Creatubbles can be used on any computer with iOS or Windows operations systems.

Creatubbles can also be used on mobile devices:

      iPad via the Creatubbles Explorer app or the mobile browser
      iPhone via the Creatubbles Explorer app or the mobile browser
      Android via the mobile browser

3. How do I join Creatubbles?

Getting started on Creatubbles is easy. Visit to sign up for your free account.

Anyone 13 and older can sign up as a creator (or teacher or parent). Creators under 13 will need a parent or teacher to add them to their own Creatubbles accounts.

To add a creator, simply choose the “Manage creators” option from the Settings drop down menu in the top right corner.

Manage Creators

Click on the “Add creator” option to input the creator’s information.


Now, you can start sharing your creations!

4. How do I personalize my profile?

Creatubbles promotes individuality and encourages creators to freely express themselves within a safe online space. Therefore, creators can set their own avatars and customize the look of their pages.

The creator’s avatar will automatically be set to the first creation that is uploaded and approved on your account. If you would like to change your avatar or an avatar for a creator that you manage, click “Manage creators” from the settings drop down menu.

Manage Creators

Choose the creator you’d like to customize an avatar for. You can change the creator’s avatar (as well as other information) by clicking on the pencil icon on the top right corner.

Manage Creators 2

Creators that are logged into their accounts can customize both their avatars and profiles easily by clicking the pencil found on the left-hand side of their homepage banner.

Edit profile

Click on the different sections to customize your avatar, the header or the body of your profile.

Edit profile 2

5. How do I upload new creations?

Uploading creations is quick and easy! Simply click the yellow “+” icon on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Upload image

Choose the first icon to upload an image.

Select the second icon to upload audio, video or scratch URL.

Upload creations 2

If you choose an image file, you will be taken to our image editor. Here, you can crop or rotate your image. You can name, date and describe your image, or assign it to multiple creators and galleries.


You also have the option to upload multiple images at the same time. Simply drag and drop your images into the designated box to upload them simultaneously.

Upload multiple creations

5a. Why was my creation not approved?

Because safety is a top priority to us, a creation may not be approved if:

  • Contains a full or partial live human image
  • Is not an original creation
  • Contains personally identifiable information
  • Harms or lacks consideration for the well-being of others
  • Is out of focus
  • Is otherwise unacceptable

Creators are always welcome to use our crop function to edit out human features (faces, hands, etc.) found on the edge of your images. After clicking “Done” your creations will automatically be resubmitted for review and approval.

For additional information on our content review and approval process, please see our Terms and Conditions.

5b. How do I edit/delete my creations?

Once a creation is uploaded you can always go back and edit it. Go to your Creatubbles homepage by clicking your avatar.

Choose the creation you’d like to edit and click on the pencil icon found on the bottom right corner of your creation.

Edit_Delete Creations

In Creatubbles’ image editor, you can change the title, edit the description and date, or delete the creation.


6. How do I create a gallery?

Galleries are a great way to organize and showcase a creator’s work. To create a gallery click on the yellow “+” icon.

Upload image

Choose the third icon (4 squares).

Upload creations 2

You can name your gallery and add a short description.


Add or drag and drop multiple files to showcase inside your gallery.

Upload Creations to Gallery

7. How do I give a creator login access?

Creators can have their own personal login information for signing on at home or at school. Even though creators have login access, the account with still be managed or monitored by teachers and/or parents.

To give your creators login access, simply click on “Manage Creators” option from the drop down menu.

Manage Creators

Click on “Set password” to create a common password for all creators. Creators have the option to change their own passwords at a later time.

Set password

7a. How do I set or edit my creator’s password?

To change or set your creator’s password, simply click on the “Manage creators” option in the dropdown menu.

Manage Creators

Choose the creator you wish to change or set the password for and click on the edit pencil on the top right-hand corner.

Set Creator Password

Click on the edit pencil in the “Password” section.

Edit password

Choose the password you would like to assign for your creator and press save.

Save password

8. How do I use Creatubbles in the classroom?

Teachers in over 50 countries are using Creatubbles in their classrooms to share their students’ creations with other schools around the world. They’re also using Creatubbles to put on creative initiatives and showcase local and global events. For example, using our Creatubbles Mod, Marco Vigelini created a global art gallery on Minecraft, where creators worldwide were invited to share their artwork.

Since teachers can create galleries in order to organize and catalogue their classes, students and projects, Creatubbles accounts can be used as digital portfolios. Teacher Cristiana Zambon, from Italy, shares her students’ creative projects, such as light up robots and collage-style portraits.


MiniMatisse from Hassan Elementary School created a global campaign of trading cards for students all over the world to swap.

AmyD from Thailand uses Creatubbles galleries to save and showcase all of her student’s work.


Our partner apps and solutions are also great resources for teachers to use. The Minecraft Mod allows users to upload their creations into their Minecraft worlds and vice versa, save snapshots their Minecraft builds onto the Creatubbles accounts.

HUE Animation is the stop motion animation camera and software made easy for your students.

Strawbees is an award-winning prototyping toy for makers of all ages. Creators are encouraged to share all of their Strawbees creations of Creatubbles. You can find more of our partners here.


Creatubbles is the perfect place for teachers to gather inspiration for creative activities, become part of a global conversation and allow their students to safely connect with classrooms around the world.

8a. How do I add my students?

Adding students to your Creatubbles account is simple. After creating your Creatubbles account, you will be prompted to add creators.


You can always add or remove creators, or edit their profiles at a later time by clicking the “Manage creators” option in the Settings drop down menu.

Manage Creators

For adding a creator one-by-one, fill out the appropriate information and click “Add creator.” You can also choose the group or class info that this creator belongs to.


8a. How do I add my students simultaneously?

Teachers with Creatubbles accounts also have the option of adding adding multiple creators at once. Simply download and fill out the student registration template.

You can then submit it to us at and we will create an account for each student in your class.


8c. How can my students’ parents co-manage their accounts?

You can invite parents to co-manage their children’s accounts by clicking on “Manage Creators” in the settings drop down menu.

Manage Creators

Choose the creator, whose parents you’d like to invite as a co-manager, by clicking the editing pencil in the top right corner.

Manage Creators 2

Click “Managers” on the left-hand side bar.

Manage Creator

Send an invite to the students’ parents’ email address.

Email Parents

8d. How do I connect & collaborate with other instructors?

Creatubbles makes it easy to explore, share creativity and collaborate with other instructors in your school and all over the world.

Teachers can engage with other creators by bubbling their creations. You can also start a conversation by leaving a comment about their work or galleries, share ideas and see what messages other, worldwide, are leaving for you.


If you would like to connect with teachers with a specific interest, event or initiative in mind, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at and we’ll be happy to connect you.

9. How can I use Creatubbles beyond my classroom?

Your Creatubbles experience doesn’t have to end in the classroom. There are many ways for you to get involved.

Create a global initiative that students and creators all over the globe can join. We’ll create a page for your initiative that allows creators, worldwide, to upload their creations into your gallery. For example, #TweetADream and the Global Minecraft Challenge are two amazing initiatives that students worldwide participated in.

  • Create a digital event or hands-on workshop. Participants can then upload their creations from the workshop onto a dedicated Creatubbles gallery. Take a look at renowned artist and teacher, Hanoch Piven‘s Faces iMake webinar recap.
  • Become a guest blogger
  • Feature Creatubbles on your blog or website.


10. I like writing blogs. How can I get involved with Creatubbles’ blog?

At Creatubbles, we always welcome guest bloggers who are aligned with our mission. Guest articles will be featured on our blog and shared through our social media pages.

We’re happy to hear your thoughts about integrating art in core subjects, technology in the classroom, lesson planning, creative methods of teaching and any other original ways to educate your students.

Please take a look at our guest blogging guidelines.

11. How do I get help?

Feel free to contact us with any questions, clarifications, concerns, feedback or comments about anything regarding the platform, collaborations, ideas and more. You can reach the Creatubbles team in any of the following ways:

Via email:


Facebook Art Teacher Forum:


We will always try our best to respond as promptly as possible.

12. Partnerships & apps

Share with Creatubbles” now connects partners to a highly safe global community where children, their families and teachers express their creative potential. They save, share and explore multimedia creations made with your app or product. Whether they are at home, school, an event or activity you have organised, Creatubbles lets them share their experiences and creations safely in more than 50 countries.

To get access to partner guidelines, assets, guidance on integrating with our API and other direct support regarding the “Share with Creatubbles” partner program contact us at We’ll be in touch with more information!

In your email, please include a couple of lines about your organisation/product/app and why people love what you do. This will help us understand what you are looking for.


Once approved, each “Share with Creatubbles” partnership comes with:

  • Official partner page with integrated gallery
  • API integration
  • Conversion and community engagement tools
  • Customized embeddable widgets

To find out more about Creatubbles partnerships, please visit us at

We are always on the lookout for exciting companies to partner with, so if you know of an app, product or initiative that you think might work well on Creatubbles, please let us know by contacting the Creatubbles team at

12 a. How can I embed my Creatubbles galleries into my website?

A gallery on a Partner page on Creatubbles looks like this:

Partner's Profile

Click on the “Share” button in your Partner page to display the “Embed gallery code.”

Embed gallery

Modify the Embed code settings to control appearance and contents


Embed code settings:

      1. To control the number of creations: [data-creation-count=”9″] Set the number of creations loaded from the gallery page. “9” by default. Note that the widget will always show the latest creations submitted to the gallery and approved.
      2. To hide/show the world map: [data-show-map=”1″] Set to “0” to hide the world map element from the gallery widget.
      3. To enable pagination of creations and limit the number of rows: [data-number-of-rows=””] Set the number of rows of creations to display, before start paginating.
      4. To hide the top header with cover image, title and link to the page on Creatubbles: [data-show-header=”1″] Set to “0” to hide the header.

13. Creatubbles “how” & “why”

Although we’re proud of how far we’ve come with Creatubbles, we still have a lot do to achieve our vision of making the platform the go-to place for instructors, parents and students. We’re really pleased with all the positive feedback and suggestions we’ve received so far.

We have also been asked, “What’s the catch? Something this good cannot possibly come for free without any strings attached!”

As parents, we believe in creating a space that is safe and supportive, and that nurtures our own children’s creativity. We wanted this space free of afterthoughts, appendages, or “commercial targets.” We hope that our passion and underlying motivation in this regard comes through in what you experience on Creatubbles.

That being said, we are always happy to learn about fresh and effective methods of collaboration that will help to sustain Creatubbles financially over the long-term. This may include establishing commercially based partnerships and/or providing certain aspects of the site on a paid basis.

However, with the above in mind, we would like to stress that the core Creatubbles experience is, and will, remain free for all of our individual users. Including you! Creatubbles will never become a platform dominated by advertising or with commercial offerings.

Ensuring the ongoing purity of the core Creatubbles experience is something that we hold very dear to our hearts.

14. Creatubbles™ copyright in “plain English”

Note: The following is highlight excerpts from our Terms and Conditions. This is not intended as a substitute for the actual terms and conditions. Please read the full Terms and Conditions to confirm the full terms.

Creations on Creatubbles are images of artistic works, such as paintings, drawings, collages or sculptures, created by the creator. The original owner of an uploaded creation owns the copyright to that creation.

Creatubbles does not allow other anything files, other than creations to be uploaded onto the platform. In addition, creations may never include “prohibited content.” Prohibited content is anything that:

    • is a copyrighted, trademarked or other legally protected image or item;
    • otherwise infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any party;
    • violates any person’s privacy, publicity, moral or other personal rights;
    • violates any laws or regulations;
    • are socially offensive, anti-social, morally or otherwise offensive to us or to the service community;
    • is being posted as a creation for any commercial purpose or for any purpose that goes against the spirit of our service (as generally set out in our manifesto or any guidelines that we post; and/or otherwise violates the Terms of this Agreement.

If Creatubbles determines that a creation includes any prohibited content, we may choose to immediately remove the applicable creation and/or terminate the applicable account.