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General guidelines
From Canada to Cameroon, Creatubbles is happy to have a truly international audience. It is primarily made up of teachers around the globe (in Art, Ed Tech and more), parents, and those that have a vested interest in nurturing creativity in children on a professional or personal basis.

They are always interested in reading about new resources, project ideas, the experiences and learnings of other professionals, and ways in which they can support children to reach their full potential in any subject.

Blog length:
Usually between 400 – 700 words

Please provide any of the following which we can use to illustrate the blog and for social media promotion:
Images (1200 x 600 px are ideal, but images with a minimum width of 800 px can also be used)
Video’s (YouTube, Vimeo)
Hyperlinks or URL’s to anything you wish to highlight

A short biography (one paragraph) including a photo. We’d also be happy to add your Twitter handle, Facebook page, website or any other address you would like to drive traffic to. Here’s an example:


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