7 Ways You Can Become An Inspiring Teacher

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Everyone remembers that one teacher that really seemed to believe in them. They were the teacher who pushed you to do your best, and really seemed to care about you. If they’re the reason you became a teacher, then you want to become like them. Here’s 7 ways you can become the inspiring teacher you want to be.

1. Make The Time To Listen

It can be hard, especially when you’re rushed off your feet. However, your students will sometimes need a listening ear. When this happens, make sure you’re the one to provide. Give them time and space to talk to you about your problems. Simply listening can be enough to make a student’s load feel a little easier, and it will mean a lot to them.

2. Give Your Students The Resources They Need

Your students are always up against deadlines and need help wherever they can get it. If you can’t give it to them yourself, know where they can get it for themselves. You can recommend educational services that will help them when they’re looking to learn. For example, sites like Tutor.com and Chegg can both offer tutors to help students with their assignments.

3. Be Consistent

No matter how old your students are, they’ll respect you more as an educator if you’re consistent. If you’re irritable one day, but pleasant the next, it can confuse students and put them on edge. The best thing to do is have excellent classroom management, to help you be as pleasant as you can be every day. If you’re consistent, students know what they’re walking into every day.

4. Do As You Say

If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you follow through with it. This is a very simple tip, but it’s amazing how many teachers don’t follow through on what they say. The way to do this is to be mindful of what you say. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and if you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it.

5. Make Sure You’re Being Inclusive

Your students come from all different walks of life, and you’ve got to be sure that you’re being mindful of this in your teaching. For example, the greeting ‘hey guys’ excludes any women in the room, whether you meant to do it or not. Be mindful of the language you use, and think of the needs of the people in your classroom.

6. Offer Friendly Competition

“Competing with your classmates can be a positive experience, if it’s framed correctly,” says educator Pamela Danvers at Best Australian Writers. “Students will relish the chance to test their skills against each other. Make the experience friendly and encourage students to work in groups to achieve their goals.” You can show that competition isn’t a bad thing, and help students strive to do well in their studies.

7. Ensure To Praise When Appropriate

As a busy teacher, it’s easy to forget just to hand out praise when it’s warranted. If you’re attuned to your students needs, you’ll know who could use the odd bit of praise to keep their spirits up. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for opportunities to praise them. For example, ‘That’s a great point, and it leads us to this example’ is perfect if a student comes up with a good idea in class.

These tips will help you become an inspiration to your students. Take them on board and help them achieve their goals.

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