How to effectively make use of technology in elementary schools

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Technology has revolutionized the way education is delivered. Long gone are the days when learning was only limited to books and the practical experimentation that past technologies allowed. Now, elementary schools use a variety of software to assist in rapid learning and promoting creative learning experiences.

Using technology in the classroom can help students learn difficult concepts more easily. Because it can be used to stimulate curiosity, tech can motivate students to learn, according to their interests. It can also provide students novelty in the learning experience, so that they remain engaged with the material they are learning. Below are some of the ways technology can be used in elementary schools to improve education.

Use animated presentations during teaching

Animated presentations offer a special advantage because it allows teachers to uniquely explain and interpret difficult concepts through animated figures. For example, the physics of oscillations can be demonstrated in an interesting way if it is taught with animated diagrams of pendulums or waves.

Even if teachers are using physical models to demonstrate natural phenomena, they have limited scope to animate (set in motion) the models and explain things more efficiently. Animated videos can explain physics concepts, like acceleration and momentum or mathematical concepts like logarithmic decrement, differentiation and graphical representations in an unparalleled way. They can help students to fully visualize concepts so that they can understand, remember and recall them clearly.

Nurture critical thinking through construction projects

A highly effective way to learn is by construction activities or makerspaces. Students who indulge in building things, like making mechanical objects or simple software, tend to develop an increased ability to imagine and design complex items like making small robots, astronomical telescopes, etc.

There are many applications used in schools, such as Scratch, that can help children make things or design software.

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Teaching physical skills with technology

Thinking about physical skills, touch typing is one such skill that is often in demand in higher education and corporations. Touch typing can be learned the traditional way – solely by practicing with formal instruction. However, with the advent of typing software, students can learn to type faster and even use the software as a “personal tutor.” Good typing software for schools are available that can help students learn typing in less time. The software provides important features, such as fingering lessons, as well as typing speed and accuracy tests.

Tech can also play an important role in developing physical talent. For example, a student who is learning to play piano can be encouraged to practice and compose music with the help of some assisting software, like Piano by Gismart.

Play interactive video games

Video games can help sharpen the brain and cognition. In fact, educational games are oftentimes used in elementary schools to help increase students’ problem solving capabilities.

Although, that is not the case with every game, many interactive video or computer games can help improve intelligence. Games, such Minecraft, are especially designed to nurture critical thinking, problem solving, spatial reasoning and help develop an increased understanding of core subjects, like algebra and geometry. Encouraging students to actively engage in playing such games can prove to be the best thing for them.

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