5 outside-of-the-box tools to motivate students

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It sounds obvious: the more interactive and fun learning is, the more motivated your students will be to engage with the material. But since a class full of students all have different interests and skillsets, teachers can, oftentimes, face hurdles when planning lessons. This time around, we explored some outside-of-the-box tools that every student can have fun with.

1. Explore literary devices through comics and graphic novels

Long gone are the days of dime-store bubble gum comics. Comic books and graphic novels have pushed boundaries in both art and literature, focusing on every literary genre imaginable. For educational purposes, they depict a complex story in a small number of slides, introduce developed characters, provide commentary (or a metaphorical view) on complicated social and cultural issues, demonstrate the use of idioms, syntax, colloquial speech and more. Pixton is a fun, drag-and-drop app that allows students to create their own comics, including speech bubbles, characters, settings etc. It’s a great way for students to learn interactively, while using creativity to create their own unique stories.

On Creatubbles, students can share their digital or hand drawn comic strip panels on their personal pages or in a class gallery. Teachers can extend the activity by asking the class to collaborate on a full graphic novel. Teachers can upload each student’s part of the graphic novel, in order, according to the story’s timeline.

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2. Develop presentation skills by making interactive posters

No matter what focus your students take in their educational and occupational careers, there is a very good chance that they’ll have to create a presentation, and most likely, present it. While just about all students and employees are required to make presentations or present, not all have the proper skills to do so. Glogster lets students create interactive posters, including images, graphics, sounds, video, text and more. How cool is that? Students can create posters focusing on any core discipline, like math or science, or something more personal, such as a report on a camping trip.

3. Practice dramatic structure through storyboard creation

In elementary English or Language Arts classes, most of us has learned the time-honored dramatic structure, or Freytag’s Pyramid. In this structure, a story’s plot consists of five parts: the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and the resolution or catastrophe. What better way to understand this structure than to create your own? Storyboard Generator allows students to do just that. Students can choose one of the scripts available in the app, or create their very own by uploading images.

storyboard pencil sketch

“The Story” was created by PeytonB in the US, at 11 years old. It is featured in the 5th E Group gallery on Creatubbles. Teachers are encouraged to share their students’ story creations.

4. Unleash the power of creativity through music

Music is a great cross-curricular learning tool. From singing the ABC’s song to an in-depth understanding of historical movements, music is present in maybe social and educational spaces. Gismart offers ultra-realistic music apps that teach the piano, drums, guitar, ukelele and more. Students can learn to read sheet music, create their own music scores and practice different genres of music.

Now, Piano by Gismart, allows Android users to share their piano creations directly onto their Creatubbles profiles. Teachers can create a dedicated gallery to share music by all of the budding virtuosos in their classes.

5. Students can exercise their reading and writing skills by making their own books

Writing a story is a great way for elementary students to hone in on their spelling skills, grow their vocabulary and practice literary structures. Storybird is a really fun way to do just that. Kids can choose from pre-populated images to create a story about. The app also allows students to read books by other creators and leave comments.

When doing assignments, it’s important that students are stimulated and simply enjoy what they’re doing. There’s a ton of really fun apps out there that provide students with engaging lessons that focus on the specific skills or topics being covered in class. No matter what the topic or app used to make their creations, Creatubbles encourages all students to share their multi-media creations with schools all over the world.

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