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The benefits of arts integration have become widely recognized in teaching circles. Integrating the arts into core subjects helps students develop creative problem solving, observation and inspection skills, critical thinking and engages students that might otherwise be disinterested in standardized learning approaches. Besides, integrating the arts into educational disciplines is just plain fun.

Educators around the world are sharing their class’ unique, arts-integrated activities over Creatubbles. We took a look at 5 amazing creations to inspire your own students.

1. Ecological Cycle Model

Modelling is a great hands-on way for students to learn new material. For example, the “Ecological Cycle Model” not only addresses the biological study, but is a great creative piece that students can be proud of.

The model is showcased in the Science Exhibition gallery on Creatubbles. Educators, are likewise, encouraged to create their own class galleries to store and catalogue students’ creations, or put on their own digital exhibition.

Model of the ecological cycle

“Ecological Cycle Model” was shared by teacher Ch. Kasif Nadeem, in the Science Exhibition gallery on Creatubbles. Explore the gallery to see more awesome science models.

2. Pumpkins come to life

Pumpkins come to life” is an amazing video that shows 3D pumpkins hopping over their original two-dimensional drawing. The creation was made, using Quiver, which is an augmented reality coloring app for kids. Students can color a range of drawings of educational topics, such as biology, the solar system or geometric shapes. Be sure to click on the image below to see just how cool this video creation is!

Pumpkins in augmented reality, made with Quiver

“Pumpkins come to life” was shared by teacher cdcollins in the Art & Technology Club-October gallery on Creatubbles. Click on the image to see the full video.

3. My real livingroom

Minecraft is a great way to introduce the STEAM approach to learning. It provides in-game lessons, stimulates students and caters to just about every educational discipline — such as growing an ecosystem, creating architectural structures or programming characters. Students must exercise and trust their own, unique creativity to plan, design and create their Minecraft builds.

Creatubbles lets your students personalize their builds. With the Minecraft Mod, students can insert their own original creations in their builds, and vice versa, post images of their builds onto their Creatubbles pages. How cool is that? Take a look at “My real livingroom” in the example below.

Minecraft replica of a livingroom

“My real livingroom” was made my minevention002 in Italy, at 7 years old. Teachers are encouraged to introduce the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod to their own classrooms.

Get the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod for your classroom

4. L’energia di Lorenzo

Scratch is an great tool to use integrate art, computer science, as well as other educational topics begin covered. “L’energia di Lorenzo” (“The energy of Lorenzo”), for instance, is a very cool short video that incorporates storytelling, classical music, animation, and still photographic images to cover sustainability and sources of energy.

“L’energia di Lorenzo” was shared by instructor Architutto and creator Lolloleo1C, in the Respect for the Environment gallery on Creatubbles. The gallery focuses on raising awareness for the reduction of marine waste in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea. Click on the image to see the full video.

5. Geronimo

Geronimo” is a very cool movable toy creation, made up Tio, an empty carton, feathers and a whole lot of imagination! Makerspaces and construction toys allow students to happily dive into the project, while organically engaging with the core lesson. The Creators & Inventor’s Gallery on Creatubbles, where Geronimo is featured, is proof that even first and second graders can be excel at using new technologies.

“Geronimo” was made by creator Violet, at 6 years old, using Tio. Teachers are encouraged to explore Creatubbles for more arts-integrated, makerspace ideas.

Start sharing your students’ arts integration projects on Creatubbles today!

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