5 inspiring science galleries on Creatubbles

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With the continual evolution of pedagogy and the advent of new teaching trends, educators are taking an outside-of-the-box approach to lesson planning. Science teachers, in particular are introducing theories like STEAM learning or arts integration in order to motivate and engage their students. We took a look at some amazing projects that science teachers are sharing on Creatubbles.

5 science galleries on Creatubbles to inspire your students

We’re constantly in awe of what teachers and creators are sharing over Creatubbles. From short videos of science experiments, to educational gaming involving the solar system, to portraits of scientists, science teachers are sharing incredible and unique projects that they, themselves, and their students are creating. Here’s 5 inspiring galleries to engage your own science classes.

1. Science Exhibition

Teacher Ch. Kashif Nadeem from the Punjab Group High School organized a science exhibition to motivate students toward science and technology. The Science Exhibition gallery showcases 14 models of types of energy and chemical reactions, such as the Green House Effect and the Ecological Cycle. The models are a fun, interactive way for students to integrate art to explain scientific concepts, through their own scaled version of complex reactions.

Global warming model

Global Warming Model is featured in the Science Exhibition gallery on Creatubbles. Visit the Creatubbles to see the other amazing science models featured in the gallery.

2. science magic

The science magic gallery was shared by teacher yoshikin from 宝仙学園小学校 in Japan. The gallery features short, creative videos of science experiments, made with fun music and digital effects. The experiments include various solutions and chemical reactions, with fun titles, like Oh my god! and Magic water. Not only do these video show the “magic” of science, but they’re incredibly enjoyable to watch.

Video of a science experiment

色が変わる水溶液 (or Aqueous solution of changing water) is a video creation of a science experiment. It is featured in the science magic gallery on Creatubbles. Click on the image to see the full video.

Start sharing your students’ science creations

3. I am a scientist

The I am a scientist gallery was shared created by teacher Hossainy, from the Exploratory Center of Science. The gallery is made up of portraits of 84 Arab and foreign scientists throughout various stages of history. Creating portraits is a great way for students to understand the evolution of science and familiarize themselves with the works of great scientists.

A portrait of a scientist

This untitled creation was shared by teacher Hossainy in the I am a scientist gallery on Creatubbles. Visit the gallery to see more amazing potraits of scientists from throughout history.

4. Universe Sandbox 2

The Universe Sandbox 2 gallery was created by TeacherGaming. Universe Sandbox² is a physics-based simulator that merges gravity, climate, collisions and material interactions to create amazing digital creations of the universe. The Universe Sandbox 2 gallery includes beautiful creations of a Supernova, Earth and Mars Collision, Saturn and its rings and more. Educational gaming is a fun, interactive tool for students to gain a deeper understanding of science, and in this case, also create breathtaking digital art.

Digital creation of the solar system.

My solar system was created by Rami and shared in the Universe Sandbox 2 gallery on Creatubbles. Visit the gallery to see more digital planetary creations.

Chemistry experiments first period

The Chemistry experiments first period gallery was created by teacher Pofra Abigail from Secundaria General 10 Antonio Ángel Carmona Anzadúla. The gallery features a variety of chemistry creations from students, including models of an atom and Dalton Atomic Theory. Utilizing makerspaces is not only fun and hands-on, it helps students realize all of the working components of what they are building.

Rutherford Theory Model

This model of the Rutherford Theory was shared in the Chemistry experiments first period gallery on Creatubbles. Take a look at the gallery to find more interesting chemistry ideas for your own classroom.

We look forward to seeing your students’ creations on Creatubbles!

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