3 ways to teach digital literacy

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The requirements for being tech savvy is ever-evolving as digital technologies continue to advance. Which is why it is essential for students to be digitally literate, instead of merely understanding how to use digital tools on a surface level. We explored the importance of digital literacy in the classroom and how to help your students achieve it.

What does digital literacy mean?

Digital literacy digs deeper than simply understanding how a digital tool works. Thinking about literacy in the context of language, it is significantly more fundamental than only recognizing words. Literacy involves evaluation, critical thinking and analysis. The same is true for digital literacy. Digitally literate students can research, evaluate, understand and analyze content they find in digital spaces. They are able to recognize which sources are reliable, process the information they find and gain a deep understanding of the materials. While it is important for students to understand how digital tools are used, a lot of tech is short-lived or new tech takes their places.

Teaching digital literacy can be quite daunting, but it does not have to be! To help you get started and to inspire you in your teaching, we have listed a few tips on how digital literacy can be taught.

1. Teach digital literacy through creativity

Educators can teach digital literacy easily, in a way that is fun and engaging for students over Creatubbles. Students can easily research topics, galleries, themes, studies and more. For example, students learning about animation can visit this incredible animation gallery, featuring creations made by 4th graders. Student can even televize their own science experiments.

Creatubbles is the perfect place to introduce digital literacy to your students. The platform is a safe, encouraging space allows for creative projects in any subjects. Is your class thinking of creating their own podcast channel? Create a gallery on Creatubbles to feature the episodes, and share it with students worldwide.

Start using Creatubbles

Give tasks to students that demand more than just researching and discovering content. Allow them to problem solve, and present new information creatively. For example, students learning about space can record their own film. Or, students participating in STEAM activities can utilize Scratch or other coding apps made for students.

If you would like to try out Creatubbles for your digital literacy teaching, you can easily create your account right here!

2. Infuse collaboration in student tasks

Students can have fun interacting and engaging with math lessons by working together. For example, students can create a digital structure, using Minecraft. Teams can work together to create their entire school… or even their own city! They can even decorate the city with with creations or photographs of store signs, marquees or street signs, using the Minecraft Mod — which lets creators insert original creations into their Minecraft builds.

“Vera gallert” was shared by parent Cpt Ruzty. The Minecraft build was decorated with original creations, inserted through the Minecraft Mod.
Teachers can introduce the Minecraft Mod to their students to create and decorate their own Minecraft worlds. https://ctbl.es/minecraft

3. Teach multi-channel communication

A great way to solidify a deeper understanding of new material is to get students to communicate information over various channels. For example, when covering journalism, or current events, students can visit student-oriented news sites or forums to spark a global dialogue. Digitally literate students should be able to decipher which sites and tools cater to the audience they’re looking for, and how to effectively communicate over these digital spaces.


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