15 niche educational hashtags on Twitter

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Utilizing Twitter hashtags is a great way for educators to discover new teaching methods, learn about trending topics in pedagogy and raise awareness for their own projects. There’s many great Twitter hashtags available to educators, with focuses ranging from educational reform, to early-childhood education, to transformative learning and so on. Hashtags allow teachers to see new approaches, implementation, learning points and successful (or weak) examples that their peers are sharing. They’re also a great way for teachers to connect with other educators to ask questions or for advice.

Niche educational hashtags focus on specific learning methods

What about teachers who are looking to diversify their teaching approaches through certain tools? For instance, a teacher might be interested in using Minecraft for their upcoming math project. For finding compelling Minecraft ideas, similar to the Milan Urban Design project on Creatubbles, teachers can turn to #gbl, which covers game-based learning. In the same vein, teachers looking to integrate art into their history lessons might turn to #museumed (museum-based learning). Or, elementary school Computer Science teachers could follow #HourOfCode for ideas about innovative activities.

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We put together a list of helpful educational hashtags for educators to keep an eye on.

15 valuable niche hashtags for education:

  1. #ESDGC
  2. #ADEchat
  3. #HourOfCode
  4. #museumed
  5. #ipadchat
  6. #gbl
  7. #web20
  8. #edapps
  9. #mlearning
  10. #homeschool
  11. #elearning
  12. #BlendedLearning
  13. #PBL
  14. #flipclass
  15. #BYOD

Minecraft urban design plan

“Microsoft and Minecraft inauguration: Education Edition” was shared by teacher marcovegilini. The Minecraft creation was uploaded to the Milan Urban Design gallery on Creatubbles, which features creations from a Minecraft: Education Edition project “…in which scholars share their ideas on future urban plan activities.” Visit the the Milan Urban Design gallery on Creatubbles to see the rest of the Minecraft creations.

Tech-based hashtags utilize various apps, sites & devices

Hashtags focused on educational theory

  • #ESDGC: education for sustainability & global leadership
  • #museumed: museum-based education
  • #PBL: project-based learning and tools
  • #flipclass: students learn lessons and home and practice during school hours

Hashtags focused on unique school environments

What are some niche hashtags you follow? Let us know in the comment section below or reach out to us on Twitter at @creatubbles.

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