10 must-follow Twitter chats for educators

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Education is constantly evolving. While most educators are open to tackling current theories in pedagogy or introducing tech in their classes, it can be daunting to undertake and implement new and unfamiliar approaches. Twitter chats offer a safe place for teachers to discuss the theories they are using, the pros and cons of each and best techniques, while also covering the hard questions, like socio-economic divides, students with specific sensitivities and so on. We put together a list of must-follow Twitter chats for educators.

What is a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a discussion on Twitter that is open to any participants and centered around a specific hashtag. The hashtag depicts the focus of the chat, and links the conversations — making it simple for participants to follow and join. The host(s) of a Twitter chat invites users to connect at a predetermined time to explore set topics. Chats are normally recurring and are followed by Twitter users with similar interests.

Must-follow Twitter chats for educators::


#Edchat is the weekly Bammy Award winning Twitter conversation that any educator can join to discuss and learn about current teaching trends, how to integrate technology, transform their teaching, and connect with inspiring educators worldwide. We also discuss education policy, education reform and often have leaders worldwide join our conversations. Every Tuesday we host an Edchat conversation at 7pm NYC/ 12am UK. #Edchat was founded on July 30, 2009 by Shelly Sanchez Terrell (@ShellTerrell), Tom Whitby (@TomWhitby), and Steven Anderson (@Web20classroom) and has now inspired over 400 education Twitter chats.” – Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell)


#Edtechchat is a weekly Twitter chat about all things education technology related on Monday nights at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT. The purpose of the chat is to encourage participants to share ideas and best practices related to the meaningful use of education technology in the classroom. The chat attracts a wide range of participants, from Twitter chat veterans to first timers, including classroom teachers at all levels, instructional coaches, technology directors, administrators, pre-service teachers, college professors, and edtech vendors. Our weekly topics are as diverse as the field; past topics have included professional learning, digital citizenship, makerspaces, coding, classroom management, getting stakeholder buy-in, social media, media literacy, content creation, collaboration, and more. All educators are welcome, from edtech newbies to ninjas! Our most recent chat archives are available at www.participate.com/chats/edtechchat.” – Susan Bearden (@s_bearden)

holographic pumpkins floating over a desk

Pumpkins come to life!” was shared by teacher cdcollins in the US. The creation was uploaded to the Art & Technology Club-October on Creatubbles, which features, “a collection of student work from October’s Art & Technology Club Activities.” Click on the link to see the full video


#K12ArtChat was founded by TeamGrundler, Laura Grundler (@GrundlerArt) and Matthew Grundler (@ArtGuy76) and is sponsored by Education Closet. #K12artchat focuses on creativity and arts integration, offering weekly creative challenges, such as #MustMakeMonday and #FabArtsFriday.

“#K12ArtChat is a positive PLN that offers a collaborative space to discuss creativity. The chat convenes weekly on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm central time and has a guest host (educators, authors and artists) to share a topic and six questions for the community.

#K12ArtChat has been a game changer for many educators. It launched almost three years ago and has grown exponentially. Having a positive place to share art and creativity has created a safe place to share, grow and collaborate. Beyond the weekly chat people share daily using the tag on both Instagram and twitter. We also have a Facebook page in order to help everyone connect: https://www.facebook.com/k12ArtChat).” – Laura Grundler (@GrundlerArt)


#DadsAsPrincipals is a new hashtag, starting by five educators, jokingly, at the National Principals Conference this past summer, but it’s taken off like wildfire. It’s pretty amazing. It’s great to have a network of Dads and Principals to talk with, as well as a platform for us to share the celebrations and struggles of the two jobs that we love.” – Eric Ewald (@EricEwald_Iowa)

#DadsAsPrincipals covers a wide range of topics, from advice on pedagogy-focused books, non-traditional teaching lessons, to leadership, connecting educators and simply being present in childrens’ education and as a father. You can find more insights at Eric’s blog: https://ericewald.blogspot.com.


#satchat is a weekly Twitter conversation for leaders in education. The chat began in 2012 and with around 25 educators and has grown to over 400, joining each week. Topics cover educational resources, technology as an educational and assessment tools, teaching development and more. Co-founders and co-moderators include Brad Currie (@bradmcurrie), Scott Rocco (@ScottRRocco) and Billy Krakower (@wkrakower). #Satchat’s mission is to expand educator’s Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) with the goal of promoting the success of all students. #Satchat meets each Saturday at 7:30 am ET.


#tlap was created by Dave Burgess (@burgessadave) and modeled after his New York Times Best Seller, Teach Like a Pirate. The chat encourages passionate educators to join in a discussions focused around improving all aspects of teaching and their presence in the classroom. The chat centers around inspirations, creative ideas, and simply bringing fun to students. #tlap meets on Mondays at 9 pm ET.


#digcit focuses on global citizenship and digital literacy. It’s goal is to encourage discussions with students, educators and parents on social responsibility, on and offline. Some topics include creative credit & copyright, digital footprints, online identity, privacy issues, information literacy, communication and digital etiquette. Digital Citizenship Summit co-founder Marialice Curran (@mbfxc) facilitates the discussion on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month from 7 to 8 pm ET. Find out more here: https://sites.google.com/a/gonevr2l.com/digcitchat.

original art creations inserted in a Minecraft gallery

“Vera Gallert” was shared by parent Cpt Ruzty in Finland. The creation is featured in the Creatubbles Mod gallery on Creatubbles. Students can insert original creations into the Minecraft builds or save images of their builds onto their Creatubbles pages with the mod. Visit: https://ctbl.es/minecraft to find out more.


#tlchat’s focus in on teacher-librarians and covers a range of topics, such as digital citizenship, transformative learning, eBooks and more! The chat is managed by former librarian Nikki Robertson (@NikkiDRobertson) and high school teacher-librarian Linda Dougherty (@ljdougherty). #tlchat runs every second Monday of each month at 8 pm ET. More: http://tlchat.wikispaces.com.


#cpchat hosts a chat for “Connected Principals” to discuss topics, such as leadership and current theories in education. For a wide range of educational perspectives, the chat is run by a different set of moderators each week. The chat meets Wednesdays at 8 pm, ET. Read more on the blog: http://connectedprincipals.com.


#kinderchat meets Mondays at 9 pm ET. It was founded by kindergarten teachers Heidi Echternacht (@hechternacht) and Amy Murray (@happycampergirl). #kinderchat promotes discussions about early-childhood education, current kindergarten practices, teaching methods, lessons and more. Find out more about #kinderchat: http://www.kinderchat.org/chat.

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