Strawbees Hovercraft challenge

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Hi Creatubbles fans,

Strawbees, one of our “Share with Creatubbles partners,” has just launched a new project on Kickstarter, the Hovercraft!

Check out the project on Kickstarter.

The story behind the Hovercraft:

Strawbees inventor Erik Thorstensson has always been a fan of engineering and technology projects, particularly R/C planes and cars.

One weekend he crashed his drone and wondered what he could do with the undamaged parts. He created the first prototype of the Hovercraft, using cardboard, and brought it to the Strawbees office. Since then, the team has used the Hovercraft every day.

Because Erik loves to design and prototype, he created a Hovercraft kit that encourages every kid (and parent) to experience the design process and create their own spectacular designs! The kit will “never” break because it can easily be restored with materials found in the waste bin.

Just like Erik, everyone else on the team wanted to design their own Hovercraft. So, we thought you might like to design your own as well!

Win your own Hovercraft Kit:

To enter the Hovercraft competition, design your own super cool hovercraft! You can create a drawing, blueprint, painting, 3D model, digital rendering of your hovercraft.. and more! You are free to go wherever your imagination takes you. Or, you can always use Strawbee’s blank hovercraft outline to get started Here’s the pdf.


For a chance to win your very own, enter before July 15th 2017 by uploading your design to the dedicated Hovercraft gallery:

Be creative: There are no guidelines for creativity, design or whatever else sparks your imagination. (Just remember you need to be able to upload your design to the Creatubbles gallery in order to enter the competition).

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