Celebrate Children’s Art Week in your own communities

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Children’s Art Week 2017 is run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, on June 10th – 18th. Events are being held in galleries, art centers, schools, libraries, heritage sites and community centers around the UK. The goal is for school to exhibit artwork that has been curated and promoted by students themselves. Everyone worldwide can join on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, following the hashtag #ChildrensArtWeek.

Planning an event

Children’s Art Week’s goal is for young people to spend the week visiting and engaging with visual art by viewing, creating and discussing. Successful events should have one or more of the following criteria:

  • visit a museum or art gallery
  • work and/or engage with an artist
  • be interesting and exciting for children

When organizing your event, be sure to cater to your student’s or children’s age groups and interests, and plan accordingly. Events can be as magical as creating your own Guggenheim or a week of still life painting. Events can be part of a festival, take place indoors or out of doors, or in a gallery, museum or studio.

Personal life by highlightzace (USA)

Personal life by highlightzace (USA)

Put on your own exhibition

Kids can spend the week creating their own art pieces to put in their neighborhood exhibition. Organizers can choose a medium, motif, or let kids create anything their imaginations allow them. A couple of days prior to the exhibition, kids should choose their favorite pieces to show and write a short artist statement about them. Kids can also frame their pieces or choose how they want them to be displayed. Organizers can showcase the artwork in a house, backyard, garage or shed.

La ragazza con l'orecchino di perla by Patry (Italy)

La ragazza con l’orecchino di perla by Patry (Italy)

Throw an art-movement theme backyard barbecue

What better way to get to know your neighbors than to throw a backyard barbecue. Guests should know that the barbecue has an art-movement theme and that kids should bring their own creations. Kids should also do a bit of research on their art movement and be prepared to discuss the movement during the barbecue. Organizers can also prepare an installation, pamphlets or cards for kids for kids to interact with.

Make a week of artist-themed movie nights

Each movie night can be held at a different neighbor’s home. The kids in each respective home should create a rendition of their favorite artist’s masterpiece, or make a creation using the same techniques from the movement. Kids should also research their artist and movement, and provide a brief presentation before the movie or documentary. Organizers and parents should choose interesting and educational films for the kids’ age groups and even make fun, healthy artist-themed snacks!

Untitled by DylanO (10Y USA)

Untitled by DylanO (10Y USA)

Showcase your students Children’s Art Week projects with the rest of the world. Upload their creations to Creatubbles.

You can also share the link to your Creatubbles creation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ChildrensArtWeek! We can’t wait to see what you all create!

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