Forget me nots: keepsake ideas for the end of the year

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It’s the end of the school year. And while teachers and students alike are ready for the warm summer days, seeing your students off can be bittersweet. We took a look at some end-of-the-year projects to memorialize the year.

End-of-the-year pillowcases

Here’s a fun twist on the traditional “end-of-the-year t-shirt” that your students will never grow out of. Instead of signing each other’s white shirts, have them sign pillowcases! Supply your students with colorful sharpies and ask them to bring white or light-colored pillow cases with them to class. You can even stop by your local thrift store to pick up gently used pillow cases for your students.

Once your students are ready to decorate each other’s pillowcases, ask them to pass theirs to the students on the left. Be sure to show them how the markers can bleed on fabric. Also instruct them to stay within their own spaces. Once your class is done, each student is left with a memory to last a lifetime.

Create a class quilt

Each student in your class is responsible for creating a square in the quilt. Assign your students the name of another student that they should make the quilt for. Provide your them with squares of construction paper, markers and crayons.

Ask your students about their best memories with the other student. Why do you like most about that student? How would you like that student to you remember by?

Once the squares on done, tape the squares together on a wall to show the entire quilt. Students can take the squares made for them home on the last day of class.

ワンちゃん - Little Dog and His Mother by Yumi (5Y Japan)

ワンちゃん – Little Dog and His Mother by Yumi (5Y Japan)

Graduation handprints

Here’s a fun end-of-the-year keepsake for younger students and their families at home as well. Print out or create your own graduation poems, decorations and “diplomas.” Have each of your students cover the palm of their hand in non-toxic finger pants. Help them to make a handprint on the designated areas of the page. They can further decorate the page with markers, crayons or paint once they’ve washed off their hands.

Do-it-yourself preschool graduation caps

Do your preschoolers want to graduate like the big kids? Here’s a fun way to host your own graduation in your class — DIY graduation caps! You’ll need paper bowls, poster board, acrylic paint, buttons, string, elastic and a hot glue gun. Ask your students to paint their bowls the color of their choice. You can also assign them the same color. While the kids are painting, cut the poster board into 9×9 in squares. Teachers can also premake tassles, or get your students to help. Students should also paint the posterboard the same color as their bowls. Glue the pieces together with a hot glue gun. Glue the button on the middle of the posterboard and hang a tassle from it. Voila! You’ve got a classroom full of graduates!

Make your own memory books

A great keepsake for your child are end-of-the-year memory books. These are essentially your students’ portfolios from throughout the year that you’ve stored in your classroom. Students can make covers for their portfolios with poster paper and bind them with glue, a stapler or thread.

A great way of creating a memory book without damaging the original artwork is to create it digitally. On Creatubbles, your students can create a gallery named “Mark’s Memory Book” (for example). The student can then take a photo of each piece of work in their portfolio and upload it to their personal memory book gallery. Now, the student can access their memory book anytime, from anywhere!

Untitled by ChiaraT (10Y Canada)

Untitled by ChiaraT (10Y Canada)

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