From boring to soaring: projects your students can have fun with

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All teachers can admit, it can be a challenge to keep your class’ full attention from time to time. As we approach the end of the school year, it becomes all that much harder for your students to stay engaged. We brought you art room activities that your class can have fun with.

Play an art game

If your younger students are burnt out from coloring, painting or handling clay, you can offer them a more interactive activity, like bingo! Students will can create their own bingo cards of 12-16 squares. Write approximately 30 words on the board (the level of difficulty depends on the age of the students). Students should choose which words they to decorate each square with. Once each student has drawn a picture in their squares that corresponds to the words on the board, you can start your game! You can even give our prizes to the winners.

Make a mural

Murals are fun, collaborative projects that your entire class can do together. Pick a topic of theme that you’ve covered in your class, or even a current social event. Murals can be created on large canvases, plywood, tiles or even on a school wall (with proper approval, of course). Invite students from other classes to contribute to the mural to make the project even more engaging and inclusive.

Welcome Bermuda! by MarketLanePS (15Y Canada)

Welcome Bermuda! by MarketLanePS (15Y Canada)

Create class portraits

Here’s a great interactive, end-of-the-year project that your students will love to create. Have each student think about their favorite visual artist or art movement. Then pair your students and have them create portraits of each other in whatever medium they choose. Whether it be photography, sculptures, charcoal, paint granite or mixed medium, give your students the freedom to fully use their imaginations to create portraits of each other.

"Autoritratto", Gauguin by LeonessaMarzano (41 Italy)

“Autoritratto”, Gauguin by LeonessaMarzano (41 Italy)

Turn your art room into a wax museum

Break you students into groups of four. Each group should choose their favorite artist and create a representations of the artist’s works. The groups should research the artist’s professional and personal life: where do they work? How do they dress? What is their routine? What do they look like? One group member’s role is to become a wax portrayal of the artist. The curator’s role is to teach “visitors” about the artist, the movement and their work. However, all team members should work together to create the closest likeness. Invite students from other classes to visit your “wax” museum.

decoration Frida Kahlo by SaraG (6Y Japan)

decoration Frida Kahlo by SaraG (6Y Japan)

Reinvent the… ball?

As digital technologies become more and more advanced, there is an evident evolution from traditional theories of art to design. Break your students into groups and have them design a new sport. Once they have developed their concept and created the rules, they should create their own model to pitch. Whether this means using a 3D printer or creating a model by hand, your students should create a tiny replica of their new sport. Models should include greenery, stadiums, equipment, players, and more!

My Gym Shoes by ChristenS (11Y USA)

My Gym Shoes by ChristenS (11Y USA)

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