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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Now is the time for your students to show their moms (or mother-figures) their love and appreciation, and to let them know how special she is. It doesn’t take a fortune to give moms a present that is personal, unique and authentic. We’ve brought you some creative gift ideas to help your students brighten up their mom’s day.

1. Personalized memory links

This is a simple, loving and personal project that uses materials found in your own classroom. Gather as many assorted pieces of paper as you can and provide your students with markers or colorful writing utensils. Then, have your class write their favorite memories, what they are thankful for and personal messages that they want to share with their moms and each strip of paper. Use a gluestick to attach the ends of the paper together and create a link.

2. Heart map

As students, many of us learned to create a mind map or diagram in order to make notes on a topic. For those who are unfamiliar, mind maps are a structured strategy, where related topics are connected to each other. This Mother’s Day, have your students create a heart map that is dedicated to mom. Provide your students with paper, and crayons or markers. Have them draw a big heart on the page and write “MOM” in the middle. You can write questions on the board, such as “what is your favorite memory with your mom?” or “what does your mom do that is special to you?”

3. DIY Mother’s Day Box

Here’s a great Mother’s Day gift project for younger students. Collect an assortment of small to medium-sized boxes for your students to pick from. You can look through your school’s recycling and ask other teachers for boxes. Try to avoid glossy boxes and lean toward those with a cardboard or matte finish. After choosing their box, let your students paint their own designs on the outside. You and your class can decide how you want to fill the box. For example, the box can be filled with special messages for moms or with keepsakes that your class has created throughout the year.

4. Fingerprint candles

Mother’s Day gifts are much more special when they are unique and personal. This project uses your student’s own fingerprints to design candles for mom. Teachers should get enough white candles from their local hobby shop that each student gets one. Thicker candles work better for this project.

Give students a bit of wax paper to line their desks and avoid messes. Then, students will use tissue paper and acrylic paints to capture their fingerprints. Students can decorate the rest of the scene with markers or paints. Once the tissue paper is dry, students (with their teacher’s help) can wrap it around the candle. Use a bit of fresh wax paper to wrap around the tissue paper and blow dry the candle. The heat will melt the tissue paper onto it. Once you remove the outer layer of wax paper, you’ll find that the tissue paper becomes the design itself!

5. Make it digital

Though each and every handmade Mother’s Day gift is special in it’s own way, students might want to create a present that will last forever. Students can physically create a piece of art, song or sculpture and upload it to their digital portfolios for their mom’s to refer back to anytime in their lives. There are also plenty of free apps and art tools that students can use to create heartwarming gifts for Mother’s Day. Students can then upload them to a digital space for safekeeping. Creatubbles lets students create their own dedicated galleries. This means that each year students can add their a creation to their own Mother’s Day albums. Won’t it be nice to look back with moms 10 years from now and see the creations made each year?

MAA by priyaranjaj (11Y India)

MAA by priyaranjaj (11Y India)

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