Creative ways to spend spring break

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Spring break is here and teachers, students, parents and employees are enjoying a much needed break. While a little “R & R” (rest and relaxation) never hurts, we explored some productive, fun and creative ways to take advantage of the days off.

Have an art-themed camping trip

A fun way to spend spring break is to go camping with an art-themed twist! Choose your favorite artist, movement, work of literature or play. Have your camping trip coincide with your artistic movement. For example, if your theme is Impressionism, be sure to bring paints, easels and find an inspiring landscape. Otherwise, you could make your own film adaptation of Into the Woods. You can choose whatever theme your heart desires.

Monet's Water Lilies by Miwa (7Y Japan)

Monet’s Water Lilies by Miwa (7Y Japan)

Make a movie

Spring break is an enticing time to become a couch potato. Instead of sitting around and watching movies, why not create your own short film? Together with your friends (or film crew), you can develop a script, create a theme-song if you are musically inclined and shoot on your digital camera or phone. There is free or low-cost, downloadable movie editing software for beginners that you can work with during your break. Invite friends and family for a private screening once the short film is completed.

HUE HUUUUi by Anne Z (44Y Austria)

HUE HUUUUi by Anne Z (44Y Austria)

Check an item off of your creative bucket list

How long is your creative bucket list? Have you been meaning to take that pottery or still life sketching class, but just simply couldn’t get around to it? Now is the time. Set a reasonable goal, such as a one-day class to get you started, or perhaps enough to fill up your break. Although, you might not be a master potter by the end of spring break, at least you gained some knowledge, most likely have a beautiful (albeit somewhat wobbly) mug or vase and the potential to expand your craft.

Paesaggio by VALE_033H (14Y Italy)

Paesaggio by VALE_033H (14Y Italy)

Go on a photography scavenger hunt

How well do your know your city, state, or even country? A photography scavenger hunt is a fun project that you can do together as a family, or with a group of friends. Depending on how much time you can devote to this project, Google a number of manmade and natural landmarks found in the area you choose. Then, take your analog or digital camera, or a smartphone on your journey. You might want to spend a bit of time researching Ansel Adams, Charlie Waite or Edward Weston before you set off. This project is a great way to develop your photographer skills, but more importantly, have a spring break to remember years from now.

Lone Flower by TishS (Czech Republic)

Lone Flower by TishS (Czech Republic)

Make spring cleaning an upcycle project

It’s time again — for the dreaded spring cleaning. Somehow, over the course of the year, many of us accumulated a lot of clothes, knick knacks and other household items that we simply don’t need. While, donating is always a wonderful option for getting rid of the clutter, you can also use the fabrics and other materials for spring break crafts. Are you thinking of hosting an Easter party or attending one? Instead of buying decorations, make your own from that dress that’s been hanging in your closet for decades.

Senza titolo by Chiaraboll (Italy)

Senza titolo by Chiaraboll (Italy)

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