Creative projects to do with wee ones this spring

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Spring has sprung! As always, we’re looking for fun, festive and creative projects that teachers can do with their students, or families can make at home. This time around, we took a look at some engaging, interactive projects to help younger kids nurture motor and problem solving skills, along with spatial and cognitive development.

Newspaper & magazine flowers

Here’s a fun upcycle project that early elementary students can have a blast making. Collect leftover magazines and newspapers from your school or home’s recycling bin. Help your kids cut out strips, squares, circles, or triangles out of magazine — wherever their imaginations take them. This will be the background of their project.

Then, cut out pieces of newspaper into shapes of flowers, leaves and petals. Your kids can paint the petals any color they want, using watercolor paints. Then simply glue your magazine background onto a sheet of paper or construction paper. Finally, glue the newspaper flowers pieces on top to create your spring scene.

Do you know what type of flowers bloom in your yard or school grounds? Have fun identifying this year’s spring bloom.

Bird’s nest collage

Making a bird’s nest can be an fun activity for the smallest students to high schoolers. This particular collage is a great way to engage your youngest students, while teaching them about habitats.

Simply cut paper plates in half and have your students color or paint them brown. Help your kids cut ovals out of construction paper for the birds and small triangles for the beaks. Provide your kids with goggly eyes and brown packing paper to shred for the nest. Now, glue your pieces of you bird’s nest together for a festive refrigerator decoration!

Ask your kids why birds use sticks and brush to make their nests. Are there any bird’s nests in sight?

Finger paint flower pots

This is a great spring project to do with kids itty bitty kids. Pick up terra cotta flower pots from your local garden store. You can provide different sizes for your kids to choose from. Next, get messy with your kids with non-toxic finger paints! Give your kids all sorts of colors to choose from and let their inner artist in them shine.

If you have a safe yard for picking flowers, then help your kids to choose the ones they want into their very own flower pots. You can talk about the roots, stems, leaves and what makes the flowers grow and stay alive. You can also plant your own seeds and watch them grow!

Rainbow hand print

What makes a rainbow form? Have your kids seen any rainbows recently? Together, you can discuss how a rainbow is created and why it forms colors. As a fun project, your kids can create their own rainbows with their palm prints.

Help your kids paint the insides of their hands according to the color spectrum and press firmly onto paper to form the bases of the rainbow. They can color, paint, use pipe cleaners or any other craft materials to fill in the rest of the rainbow.

Paint splatter Easter Eggs

Here’s a fun and messy way to paint in this creative spring project. Help your kids cut out big egg shapes out of construction paper. They can choose any color available, but lighter colors work best. Then dilute non-toxic kid’s paints with water into separate containers. The kids can use old toothbrushes to create paint splatters all over the Easter Eggs! You can also hold the eggs up to watch how the diluted paint drips down.

Does your child know why the paint splatters in specific directions? You and your kids can explore how gravity works!

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