Why every artist needs a digital portfolio

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An increasing amount of traditional art has been going digital over the last decade or so. Although some are wary of the transition, there’s a lot of perks to going digital. For artists, moving from a physical portfolio to a digital one, allows you to showcase your work on a huge scale, curate your own artistic journey and control your own image of yourself. We took a look at why every artist needs a digital portfolio.

Why do artists need digital portfolios?

1. Visibility

Uploading your artwork online means that literally anyone who has access to the domain you choose can view your work. This could mean hundreds of millions of people around the world have access to your work! Aside from being accessible to fan and art enthusiastics, digital portfolios make it easier for artists to connect on a professional level. Whereas previously artists needed to send prints or physically show their portfolios to galleries across the globe, now it’s as easy as a point and a click.

Untitled inspired by Jackson Pollock by SaraG (6Y Japan)

Untitled inspired by Jackson Pollock by SaraG (6Y Japan)

With a potentially enormous about of viewers visiting your work, it is important to showcase your work, style and journey in the best way that represents yourself and your philosophy. Digital portfolios give artist autonomy over their space, in which artists are open to be as creative as they wish.

2. Growth

Your digital portfolio can work as a timeline to chronicle your growth, the different projects you had been involved in and what your artistic journey has looked like over the years. You can catalogue your portfolio into different sections, featuring a variety of exhibitions or types of creations.

If your main focus for creating a digital portfolio is for professional purposes, it is a great way to store and show your best work and how far you’ve come in your craft.

3. Flexibility

The great thing about digital portfolios is that you can design, create, and modify it according to your needs. If you’ve got new pieces of art that you want to share, simply upload it to your portfolio. Traditional portfolios can get quite pricy if you are updating them often. Digital portfolios makes it easy to stay current and exhibit the work that you are most proud of.

Should students start their own digital portfolios?

Nowadays, mobile and computers are showing up in every classroom. It’s important (and quite easy) for students to create their own digital portfolios where they curate, archive and store the work that they have created over the years.

A digital portfolio is a great way to instill confidence in a student. They will be able to document their own work and recognize their own growth. It is a great way for students to understand their own sense of self, their craft, best learning practices and how to thrive. They also have a space to return to and reflect on past creations.

Picasso inspired CROOKED PORTRAITS by TeacherAlice (Philippines)

Picasso inspired CROOKED PORTRAITS by TeacherAlice (Philippines)

Digital portfolios also give students the confidence to show their work. Behind the safety of their screens, students can showcase their work to others across world, and even collaborate with other students.

In terms of a student’s educational and professional pipeline, he or she will have their own autonomous space to display and market themselves to college administrators and prospective employers.

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