Agastya Foundation: become a Vision Works maker in India!

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Are you a maker who is interested in hands-on learning? Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Or do you know someone else who is? Agastya International Foundation, an organization at the forefront of creativity focused learning that has recently became a “Share with Creatubbles” partner (see their “Share with Creatubbles” page here) is looking for a maker to work for a month with their Vision Works team in India!

Agastya International Foundation runs one of the largest hands-on science programs for teachers and students in the world, having served over 8 million children and 200,000 teachers. Its mission is to “spark curiosity, nurture creativity and instill confidence” in economically disadvantaged children and government schoolteachers across India by providing innovative applied science education and peer-to-peer learning.

Agastya has a growing network of science centers and mobile labs that deliver lessons and teaching models to children in remote areas. The foundation’s 172 acre Creativity Campus has a dedicated division called, “Vision Works”, which is dedicated to developing and creating physical learning models that teach science, math, and other concepts to children. The models are used both on their Creativity Campus and in rural areas via their network of Mobile Labs.

Become a Vision Works maker

Agastya International Foundation is currently looking for a “maker” who is interested in spending approximately one month or more than that, at their 172 acre Creativity Campus in Kuppam, located just outside Bengaluru, India to work together with the Vision Works team! Interested? All applicants should be creative, skilled, and have experience in designing and constructing physical models. As long as potential VisionWorks team members can fund their own transportation to the campus, Agastya will cover all other expenses! This is a great opportunity to help underprivileged children creatively learn, explore, and find the wonder in the world of math, science, and creativity. Moreover, it will also be an experience that you will remember and grow from for the rest of your life.

Vision Works prototype models


Hands-on periodic table prototype


Hands-on periodic table final model


VisionWorks magnet model

Creativity Campus Innovation Centre (foreground) and Planetarium (background)


Shrine to revered sage, Agastya


Agastya International Foundation – core principles


For more information about Agastya Foundation, take a look at their iBook. You can find out more about Vision Works on page 30.

If you’re interested in becoming a Vision Works maker, drop us a line at

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