How to start using digital technologies in your art

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By now, most of you have noticed the boom in creative technologies and how artists around the world are creating extraordinary creations that have never been done before. While we sit in awe of their talent and creativity, a part of us wants to join in on the fun, but simply don’t know where to start. We brought you some tips on how to start using digital technologies in your own art.

How digital technology is changing art

Traditional arts are feeling the effects of the ever-changing digital culture. The greatest benefit for digital artists is the accessibility of new innovative mediums to work with. Artists can now manipulate color, light, sound and other materials in a way previously impossible. Many new digital concepts also minimize the use of space, time and material costs when designing and creating the actual work. This leaves the artist to focus solely on discovery, creativity, innovation and exploration without the burden of running out for tools or the additional time spent on execution.

xanadu by staycreative (40's USA)

xanadu by staycreative (40’s USA)

Digital technologies may have indeed transformed traditional methods of drawing and painting. Previously artists depended on mastering paintbrushes, charcoals, pastels, to achieve the shading, colors or depth of their work. Digital artists have modified the traditional techniques of creation by using mouse clicks, and digital colors and lights that mimic traditional brush strokes. Though, creating through digital means can be considered radically dissimilar to traditional tools, most digital mediums are fashioned through classical schools of painting and drawing. In fact, some tablets allow artists to use a digital pen or their fingers to achieve the desired effect, similarly to pencils or pastels.

Moreover, with the vast availability of digital tools available, artists must understand and know the tool they choose to work with thoroughly. Artists should first research the capabilities of their desired tool, to decide whether that particular software can realize their creation’s potential. So, consequently, digital artists must not only hone in on traditional schools of technique, but also develop a new variety of complex techniques that is translated over the digital sphere.

Here’s some free apps to get you started

1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This is a free app that includes a set of drawing tools, such as graphite pencils, ink pens or markers. The digital sketching tools mimic classical drawing techniques, with some contemporary features, such as the color picker. Creators can import tools from other Creative Cloud options, like custom brushes and colors. Once the sketch is finished, it can be imported on to Photoshop or Illustrator.

2. Tayasui Sketches

This app is also designed to imitate traditional paint on paper or canvas methods. Creative tools here include pencil, marker, watercolor, along with controls that allow artists to manipulate the size and position of the canvas. Artists with a bit of a budget can buy the upgraded version to access more drawing tools and editing options.

Spring Time! by MrJason (USA)

Spring Time! by MrJason (USA)

3. ArtFlow Studio

This is an Android digital art studio that offers nine customizable brushes, a symmetry tool, color picker, and layer editing in its free version. The premium version includes more than 50 brushes and the ability to create 16 layers, amongst other features! This tool is great for professional artists who are looking to take their digital creations to a complex level.

4. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector graphics drawing app that includes five customizable pens, stylus support for Adobe Ink and Creative Cloud integration, and the ability to create 10 layers. Artists can import tools from Color CC and Shape CC, and export drawings from Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC. This is a great tool for manipulating photography in order to create dreamscapes from realistic settings.

5. Infinite Painter

This is another Android app that offer 30 natural brushes in its free version. Premier users are able to create custom brushes and infinite layers. The digital tool also includes textured papers, transformation tools, color blending, and gradients.

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