The advantages of carrying a sketchbook

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Every creation person (and those who want to tap into their creativity) can benefit from carrying around a sketchbook. Inspiration can strike at any time, and your personal sketchbook should be there to capture anything from free-flowing ideas to dedicated creative work. We took a look at some of the advantages of carrying a sketchbook.

Store your ideas

There are plenty of ways to record and store your ideas, especially with the digital platforms and cloud services available. However, sketchbooks are reliable in that they can always be on-hand whether or not you have an internet connection or battery power. To record your ideas, you only need your book and some utensil for sketching them down.

Fearsome leopard on the prowl by Vishwam (8Y Kenya)

Fearsome leopard on the prowl by Vishwam (8Y Kenya)

Whether you’re commuting to work or on a hike, your sketchbook is the most convenient and reliable method of storing your creative ideas for later reference. As long as you keep your sketchbook safe and dry, you have your own catalogue of potential concepts for you to create larger works with later.

A safe place for exploration

A sketchbook is a safe place for you to create anything you wish. That means there are no mistakes, only ideas that can be saved for larger creations or set aside for awhile. Unlike committing to a huge canvas, which can be daunting at times, ideas in a sketchbook can be altered, evolved, manipulated and even, ultimately scrapped. You can include notes in your sketchbook about how you achieved a certain look or technique. You can even make multiple copies of a city scape or still life you’ve been working on to gain the most desired shadow or lighting. You sketchbook is a non-judgemental, unconscious space to inspect and discover, that is completely your own.

Track your progress

Tracking your progress is a method that can help you grow as an artist. Your sketchbook provides you with a reference of your work, from the time you begin sketching until present day. In fact, some artists date their sketches in order to track their progression chronologically.

There are times in most artists lives when they feel their art might be experiencing a lull. That’s ok. Look to your sketchbooks to see how you’ve grown as an artist. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how your skills have changed over time.

Skiing Sketch by Yutong (12Y Canada)

Skiing Sketch by Yutong (12Y Canada)

Reference your own work

To truly unlock your creativity, artists should be ready to be inspired at any time. You might be walking down a busy street when you’re suddenly hit with a great idea.

Your sketchbook does not have to be filled with details sketches. If you want to record your ideas but have little time, you can jot down notes to sketch or doodle later. Be sure to record the details or feelings you have observed, so that you can recreate your ideas later.

Set goals

Once you open your sketchbook, build a lasting relationship with it. If you are having trouble getting started in the beginning, set aside some time each day to doodle or sketch. Carry your sketchbook with you at all times to get in the habit of sketching throughout the day. Once you feel comfortable with your sketchbook, you’ll start to recognize when best to sketch, how to get the most of of your creative time and how best to utilize your sketches for larger ideas and works.

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