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We’re constantly in awe of the amazing creations that the Creatubbles global community of creators are uploading and sharing with each other. From paintings to sculptures, digital media, video, sketches, to photography — there are thousands of wonderful galleries to discover, by inspired by and engage with throughout the Creatubbles platform. We’d like congratulate all of our creators for their great work and share some outstanding galleries with you.


Some of the most beautiful works of art can be found in nature. The breathtaking creations in the gallery Spazio replicate the cosmos, contrasting a variety of colors, light against dark. Teacher Maestra Emilia, a technology teacher from the I.C. Parco degli Acquedotti School in Italy showcases her students STEAM-based creations, made primarily of 10 year olds. Great work!

lo spazio è una magia by Tartaruga (10Y Italy)

lo spazio è una magia by Tartaruga (10Y Italy)

rjardin’s gallery

Teacher MrsJardin from the Saigon South International School has been on a radar for quite some time for her students’ extraordinary gallery of animal eyes. We are invited to visit MrsJardin’s own work, which she has shared through her personal gallery — and it is nothing short of amazing. MrsJardin’s gallery reminds us that art is all around, and to take a moment to breathe it in.

Memories of Japan by MrsJardin (Vietnam)

Memories of Japan by MrsJardin (Vietnam)

The electronic circuit contents

With the increase of technology in the classroom, teachers have more opportunities to integrate art into digital spaces. The electronic circuit contents gallery, created by teacher Hossainy, from The Exploratory Center of Science shares creative, digital creations of electrical circuit characters. The characters were created by students in secondary school. We never knew circuits could be so much fun.

Untitled by Hossainy (43Y Egypt)

Untitled by Hossainy (43Y Egypt)

Graphic novels – The Pits

The written word is no doubt a significant and moving form of creativity. Pair writing with illustrations, and you’ve got a type of art that is in a league of its own. The gallery entitled Graphic novels – The Pits, made by creator HanaG, showcases creations from The Pits. The graphic novel features two heroes, who happen to be apple pits, that travel around the world, trying to avoid being eaten by “Grandpa Ken,” the notorious apple eater (who also eats the pits). HanaG would like to publish graphic novels someday. We’ll be the first in line for an autograph.

The Pits -- New Year's Special Part 1 by HanaG (10Y Japan)

The Pits — New Year’s Special Part 1 by HanaG (10Y Japan)

Welcome 41

Welcome 41 is a gallery created by teacher AFCY of Arts for Children and Youth. This gallery was created to showcase creations from a collaborative mural project, designed to welcome athletes and visitors from 41 countries that participated in the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. 41 murals, each 6 ft x 4 ft, greeted the visitors, while 19 other murals showcased a TO2015 theme. The murals were created by 15 school and 8 communities throughout Ontario, Canada. Wonderful job!

Welcome Aruba! by SEEDAlternative (15Y Canada)

Welcome Aruba! by SEEDAlternative (15Y Canada)

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