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We’ve focused on making 2017 a creative year. From creative News Year’s Resolutions to fun STEAM crafts to do with your kids, we’re encouraging daily doses of creativity. For beginners, or those who haven’t created it quite some time, it might take awhile to get started. We looked some key ways to finding your own creativity.

1. Know your stuff

One of the best ways to develop your own authentic voice is to be inspired by others. Even though this may seem to have the opposite effect, visiting, understanding, and even emulating other works of art will actually help you to create your own technique. Take the time to visit your local museums, galleries, theaters or concert halls.

ニワトリ(制作途中) by tokuhara (Japan)

ニワトリ(制作途中) by tokuhara (Japan)

Learning about yourself through art can also help you to develop skills via other surroundings. For example, if you’re interested in learning Impressionism painting, you might to visit any available Money exhibition in your city’s museums. Before you know it, you’ll be painting lilies in your own particular style.

2. Play!

Play is a great way to unleash your creativity. Play can include anything from playing in the sand with your toddler (or alone!), a friendly tennis match, board games or flying a kite. The important part of play is that you are using your imagination and taking yourself out of the constructs of reality. When playing, you allow yourself to think openly, experiment, and act out the process rather than emphasize the end goal. You and your team create your owns rules in the context of the game, regardless of how structured or unstructured they are. The concepts you learn through play are key in creativity. They should be applied to the methods and processes you have in creating your own art.

3. Mark your calendar

The days, weeks and even months can get away from us. Most people these days have incredibly busy schedules balancing work and family life. In order to realize your creativity, you’ve got to put time and effort into it. So, create a “creativity calendar” and stick to it.

A great way to fulfill your “creativity calendar” is to set a challenge for yourself. For example, renowned artist, Michael Bell offers great daily lessons, entitled 31 Nights, that help you to find your authenticity. You can allot as much time as necessary to these exercises — whether it be an hour a day or 15 minutes before bed.

action painting by ErayAr & BegümÇelebi (11Y & 1Y Turkey)

action painting by ErayAr & BegümÇelebi (11Y & 1Y Turkey)

4. Experience

It is important to find your passion and become involved in new experiences. When confronting new challenges or opening yourself up to new surroundings, you begin to trust yourself and in your abilities. It is also necessary to think in terms you never have before — simply because the experience is completely unknown to you. The more you move out of your comfort zone, the easier it will be for you to trust yourself and your creative techniques.

5. Trust your voice

Be proud of your own originality! Feel honored and grateful if your creative views seem to go against the grain. Not many great artists hide their work because it seemed too “different.” Celebrate your individualism and be sure to share your work with others, whether it be an online platform like Creatubbles, or at a local gallery. Let your creative voice take you on the journey that’s right for you.

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