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Art education conferences can be especially rewarding for teachers looking to learn innovative methodologies and strategies, connect with their peers, or simply check out new materials and products to bring to their students. However, traveling to conferences can also be costly, so teachers should choose the best events to impact their students. We took at look at some of the top art ed conferences in 2017.

February 4: Arts Integration and STEAM Online Conference (Online)

As the world’s largest online conference for Arts Integration and STEAM, the event offers flexible options for K-12 and arts teachers who are looking for new ideas, materials and methods for integrating the arts into their classrooms. Over 1,500 attendees globally can learn to create the optimal STEAM classroom from the comfort of their homes. Attendees can join via live-stream or access the entire conference on-demand for a full year.

Picasso by NilÇukur (13Y Turkey)

Picasso by NilÇukur (13Y Turkey)

February 18: Art Ed Now (Online)

Art Ed Now is the largest digital arts education conference. The one-day conference offers 20+ talks from innovators, sharing groundbreaking topics in arts education and novel art room strategies. Attendees can register for this online event on the Art Ed Now site and will shortly receive additional information and invitation links to access the conference via email.

The Art Ed Now conference offers over 20 hand-picked presentations, which each include downloads to help you employ new ideas, methods and theories in your own classroom. The conference also offers thousands of dollars worth of giveaways, product samples, handouts and more from art ed and creativity companies. In fact, the first 1,500 registrants will receive a box filled with supplies, product samples and other art materials delivered to your home.

Attendees can watch the conference live or at your own leisure for a year, using the AOE After Pass received at registration. The Art Ed Now is designed for busy teachers who are perhaps unable to leave home or take off work, but would like to continue to evolve their art education practices.

March 1: NAEA AET Preconference: Creating Communities Through Technology (New York City, USA)

The AET NAEA preconference will focus on strategies for using technologies in art-making and art classrooms. Here, art educators and tech companies have the opportunity to engage in discussion and share ideas about ways to use technology in art creation and teaching. The conference’s aim to is encourage arts educators to make sustainable connections to modern methods of teaching with digital arts, discuss digital education opportunities in teaching, incorporate digital technologies in the classroom, and build inspiring networks, collaboration and partnerships.

Guiding questions: In what ways do technologies expand the traditional communities of art education? How do technologies change artistic making and creative inquiry? How does technology facilitate collaboration? And in which way does technology enable integration across the curriculum?

シカ by astroneer1 (9Y Japan)

シカ by astroneer1 (9Y Japan)

March 2-4: 2017 NAEA National Convention (New York City, USA)

The NAEA National Convention is the world’s largest art education convention, offering sessions, events and activities aimed at fostering arts education in schools. Attendees can choose from over 1000 workshops, panel discussions, seminars, exhibits and tours, keynote addresses by world-renowned educators, artists, researchers, scholars and more! Attendees are also able to visit exhibitor booths (between 110 – 200) for the latest textbooks, software, curriculum materials and equipment. The NAEA National Convention is a chance for educators to develop professionally, learn fresh objectives and methodologies, discover the best art-focused materials for your students and, as a result, evolve your own curriculum.

July 18-21: The SummerVision DC (Washington DC, USA)

Whether you’re a novice, veteran, art or non-art educator who works with schools or museums, this conference is designed to develop your personal and professional experience. Attendees will connect with educators from all over the US and abroad, learn about notable museum practices through hands-on activities, explore experimental research, receive a Portable Studio for visual journaling and more!

Attendees will visit eight museums through DC. Educators will explore interdisciplinary, “object-specific” methods for learning that encourages new ways of teaching, creating and understanding art, and leadership skills.

Monet Water Lillies by Miyu15 (7Y Thailand)

Monet Water Lillies by Miyu15 (7Y Thailand)

August 7-11: 35th World Congress of the International Society for Education Through Art_InSEA (Seoul, South Korea)

This conference tackles the rise of the digital era, the ranges of innovation within the digital sphere and how that co-aligns with, or encompasses, education. InSEA organizers explore that idea that the coalescence between digital technologies and art is not only one of methodology, but one of spirituality and humanity as well. The conference is influenced by terms like “spirit,” “art,” and “digital,” whose integration is critical for “defining a new zeitgeist” and progressing arts education. The conferences aims to facilitate a thorough analysis and extensive discussions of the latest studies and issues in art education.

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