Creative ways to spend your holiday break

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It’s the holidays and many students (and parents) are on break. Now is the time to unwind, reflect on the past year and make goals for the next. But, you don’t have to spend your time off sitting around. Here’s some creative ways to spend your holiday break.

Tick something off your bucket list

Did you want to get into photography this year and just did not have the time? Whether it be animation, sculpting, painting, filming — you name it, tick it off of your bucket list this break. Since the holiday break always seems to fly by, take a one-time or week-long class. You may not be a professional at the end of it, but you can be proud of yourself for accomplishing a new goal. If you’re worried about entertaining your littles ones on holiday, allow them to be your muses, models, or collaborate on creative projects together.

Still life - Otilia Master by irina77murariu (Oman)

Still life – Otilia Master by irina77murariu (Oman)

Have a family photo hunt

On your days off, go out and explore the city, forests or parks with your family. Create a scavenger hunt list with items that your kids can take photographs of. You can get disposable cameras for younger children to create with. Once completed, you’ll have lasting memories of the winter holidays through your children’s eyes.

Rip Van Winkle by TishS (33Y Czech Republic)

Rip Van Winkle by TishS (33Y Czech Republic)

Start a hobby

Whether it be a weekly family craft night, pottery, flower arranging — whatever your heart desires, begin it this holiday. The start of the year encourages you to begin anew and set fresh goals to work on throughout the upcoming one. Take advantage of that sliver of idle time you have this holiday break to throw your heart into a new creative challenge that you and your family can enjoy.

anime ♥ by ザりナマり (

anime ♥ by ザりナマり (17Y Philippines)

Pay it forward

This holiday season, give thanks for everything that you have by paying it forward. This could mean volunteering at a kitchen, kennel or latchkey program for kids. You and your family can also spend time together creating DIY gifts for people in need and dropping them off at shelters and gift drives.

roses by celiasumradrojo (Philippines)

roses by celiasumradrojo (Philippines)

Scrapbook your holiday trip

Is your family traveling to meet other family members and friends this holiday break? You can your kids can scrapbook your travels. Save any memorable (and unmemorable!) items that you’d like to become part of your scrapbook, such as plane or train ticket stubs, receipts or even foliage from nature trips. Be sure to take lots of fun, silly photos to add to your scrapbook. You and your family can design it together when you return home.

Together by NazmeenaZ (16Y Canada)

Together by NazmeenaZ (16Y Canada)

Are you planning on trying any of these ideas? Be sure to share your winter break creations with us on Creatubbles.

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