5 creative ways to spend snow days with your kids

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It’s wintertime and the chill is in the air! But don’t let the cold stop you from having a great time. Have a blast this winter, right in your own yard. Here’s five fun and creative ways to spend snow days with your kids.

1. Make a snow sculpture

Let the snowy, white world bring out the inner Michaelangelos and Donatellos in you and your kids. What better way to try your hand at sculpting than with an abundance of malleable, disposable free materials all around you. Not only that, but you can find your sculpting instruments straight from your kitchen. Spatulas, spoons, butter knives, cake spoons and ice cream scoops make wonderful tools for detailing your ice sculpture.



2. Photograph snowflakes

There’s a magic in freshly fallen snow. Take your kids outside to capture the beauty through photographs. Since no snowflake is the same, each photograph that your kids take will be their very own unique creation. And even though the snow won’t last throughout the year, the photographs and memories will.



3. Paint on the snow

This is a fun activity for kids of all ages. You and your family can use non-toxic washable paints, such as acrylic, or simply paint the snow with water mixed with food coloring. Your kids can use any household objects, like sponges, spray bottles or squirt bottles, to create their masterpieces.



4. Create colored ice sculptures

This is a fun project for your littles ones — or anyone who loves abstract art. For this activity, you’ll need food coloring, muffin tins and bowls of various sizes. Fill each container with water, add different colored food coloring to each and freeze. One frozen, you and your children can go outside to build multi-colored works of art.



5. Make a snowman

What’s more traditional during a snowy winter than building a snowman. Snowmen and snow-ladies can come in every shape and size, decorated how you and your family want. The only perfect snowman is the snowman you create.



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