10 inexpensive gifts to make this holiday season

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Winter is finally here! And though gift giving is an integral part of the holidays, the old adage still rings true, it’s the thought that counts. Here are 10 inexpensive gifts to make this holiday season.

1. Sharpie art mugs

What better way to spend the evening during the winter with a nice mug of hot chocolate or warm apple cider. This holiday, give a personalized mug to your loved ones by designing it with a sharpie! All you need is a white porcelain mug and a sharpie. For those artistically inclined, you can simply draw on the mug. Another fun option is to print out a stencil to tape onto your mug and color it in. Sharpies come in a wide variety of colors, so you can customize your gift in any way your heart desires.



2. Glitter mason jars

These glittery jars can add a classy touch to any occasion. Simply take an empty mason jar and use a piece of paper to block off the section that you want to add glitter to. Spray paint the rest of the jar any color you wish. Once the spray paint dries, add glue and glitter to the unpainted section. You can create any color combination you can get your hands on!



3. Button bookmarks

Do you have a ton of old buttons lying around? If not, you can always find inexpensive buttons at an old hobby shop or thrift store. To make these button bookmarks, all you need to do glue your button to a colored paper clip with a hot glue gun. Glue a bit of felt or cloth to the opposite side and voila! You’ve created a great, personalized gift for any book lover.



4. Candles in tins

For all of the tea drinkers who just never know what to do with the lovely tins once they’re empty, here’s a great and simple holiday gift for you. Pick up some anchored candle wicks and paraffin wax from your local craft store to create your candles. Choose the color of the wax and fragrance you’d like for your candles.



5. Mason jar lid coasters

If you’ve used your mason jars to create the glitter mason jars (listed above), you’ve got extra lids laying around. With a bit of cork and a fun stamp, you can create your own coasters. Simply trace a circle onto your cork, using the mason jar lid. Cut out the circle and glue it into your lid. Choose a fun stamp to decorate your coaster with. Be careful to use solvent-based ink so your stamp won’t smear once it’s wet.



6. Watercolor portraits

Watercolor portraits are a great gift for any family and are much easier to create than they might seem. Take a digital photo of yourself or the person you want to create the watercolor portrait of. You can use a free app like stencilgram to create a stencil of the image and print it. Color the back of your stencil with a lead, graphite or charcoal pencil. Then set the printed image on top of a new sheet of paper and trace the stencil. Because the back of the printed sheet is colored in with pencil, the traced image should be transferred onto your clean sheet of paper. Now, simply paint the inside of the traced image with watercolors.



7. Reindeer pillows

Give a special, yet easy-to-make holiday gift from your little ones. Buy a plain white throw pillow from any home supply store and nontoxic acrylic pants. Have your child make a footprint for the reindeer’s face and two handprints for the antlers. You can decorate your reindeer with googly eyes and a bit of ribbon for a bowtie.



8. Gold leaf papier maché bowls

Gold leaf papier maché bowls are beautiful and extremely fun to create. First you’ll need to blow up balloons according to the size of the bowls you want. Then add layers of newspaper to half of the balloon to create a bowl shape. You can even use a flour and water mixture to adhere the newspaper. Let the molds dry over night.

The next day, you can pop your balloons and cut the uneven edges of your bowl with scissors. Paint your bowls white and let them dry. You’ll want to use Gold Leaf Adhesive to cover your bowls and, finally, wrap your bowls in Gold Leaf Sheets. The last step to to cover your bowls with a Gold Leaf Sealer to make sure the Gold Leaf stays in place.



9. Dip-dyed candles

In a heated pot, melt your beeswax until it is in liquid form. You can shave off bits of crayon into the wax to create the color that you want. Then take your candle and dip the ends into the colored beeswax. Set the candle on baking paper to dry.

You can cut off more bits of crayon to lighten, darker or create an entirely new color for your next dip-dyed candle.



10. Animal bookends

Animal bookends are a great holiday gift that can liven up any room. Find a rubber toy animal from a thrift store or yard sale, and a block of wood from a home goods store. Either super glue or nail the toy into the wood and spray paint the bookend the color of your choice!



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