3 tips on keeping your family stress-free

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Even the most well-adjusted family experiences daily stresses and frustration. When these minor experiences are permitted to build, they can very easily become major issues that result in fighting between family members. Knowing how to limit stress within your family is an important skill, particularly when your family is larger than average. If you think your family is suffering from unresolved stress, here are a few things you can be doing to limit and resolve your family’s stress.

A day At The Beach by KylieF (10Y USA)

A day At The Beach by KylieF (10Y USA)

Foster Open Communication

Children that feel they cannot talk to their parents tend to internalize their negative emotions, resulting in an increasingly moody and distressed individual. Their building stress can cause them to lash out and create discord in the family. It is very important for parents to let their children know they can be open with their feelings.

Next time your child approaches you with something you may not want to hear, remember that a negative reaction will teach your child that they cannot trust you. You can express disappointment in a poor decision, but the most important thing you can be doing is reacting calmly and supportively no matter what your child confides in you.

Give Everyone Space

In a household with limited physical space, it can be tricky to guarantee a private place for each family member. However, everyone needs a place to escape and be alone if they are feeling overwhelmed. If possible, make sure children have separate bedrooms that will not be invaded without permission. This includes by parents. A parent that intrudes on their older children’s privacy is another surefire way to teach your kids not to trust you.

If separate spaces are not possible, create them. Invest in decorative dividers to mark off individual spaces or create blanket forts. These little spaces offer each family member an area to think and cool off in times of stress, preventing escalation of many situations.

Engage in Family Meditation or Yoga

Meditation and yoga are some of the best ways to handle stress. Mindful thinking allows you to forget your stress and control your emotions on a higher level. When the whole family participates, each member is learning how to handle their own stress without placing additional stress on other family members. Mindful thinking is an invaluable tool and can double as quality family time.

While meditation may be tricky to do with young kids, the current yoga trend has created yoga courses specifically for children that are designed to keep their attention, create fun, and teach the basics of yoga. These courses can even be found online for an at-home daily yoga session.

Cartwheel on the beach by HanaG (7y Japan)

Cartwheel on the beach by HanaG (7y Japan)

Families come with stress no matter how hard you try to fight it. Each member gets on the others’ nerves, says something inconsiderate, or lashes out due to outside circumstances. While there are many ways for you to handle and limit stress, you can’t expect for it to vanish entirely. Stress is a part of life. What you can do is learn positive coping tactics and foster a low-stress environment for those in your household. With a few little changes, your family can soon be on their best behavior.

V. Cecil loves studying and sharing information on wellness. You can read more on her blog, MyNewWell.

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Vee Cecil is a wellness coach, personal trainer, and bootcamp instructor. Vee is passionate about studying and sharing her findings in wellness through her blog, MyNewWell.com.