Creatubbles partners with Quirkbot, the hackable toy

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Programming may seem as foreign as learning a new language, and well, code is just that. But, as daunting as programming may appear, it does not have to be out of your reach.

Over the last decade, there has been a growing push for programming in the classroom, and in fact, some schools are offering code as an alternative to learning a foreign language. Programming has been linked to logical thinking, analytical reasoning, detailed-oriented performance and problem-solving skills. MIT professor Seymour Papert explains, when you learn programming, you “learn how to ask a good question, often written in form. You learn how to collaborate because much programming is accomplished in teams. These timeless skills and learning behaviors will endure far longer than any programming language.”

Quirkbot becomes a “Share with Creatubbles” partner

We’ve teamed up with Quirkbot, a little character you can program and construct into different shapes and forms using off-the-shelves material and even household waste. Creators can connect Strawbees, motors and LED sensors to make their own robotic creatures. Quirkbot is an easy and interactive way to understand and work with programming, electronics and mechanics.

With our new partnership, all Quirkbot creators can share their robotic creations with an encouraging global community, in more than 50 countries! The dedicated Quirkbot gallery allows users to upload their own creations, gain inspiration from others and have profound interactions with creators worldwide. All creators can safely share creations from desktop, mobile and tablet.

Since Quirkbot has become a “Share with Creatubbles” partner, creators can:

  • Upload and share images and videos of Quirkbot creations on the official page
  • Write a creator’s statement describing the creation
  • Record a voice file describing their creation
  • Add original music to bring creations to life
  • Get positive feedback from creators around the world
  • ‘Bubble’ creations that they love and let others know they enjoyed their work

Bi-weekly upcycling challenge and free Quirkbot kit giveaways

Quirkbot will also provide free kits to the most awesome robots submitted to the Quirkbot Creatubbles gallery. You don’t need a Quirkbot kit to make a cool robot! On the contrary, the Quirkbot team encourages you to be resourceful and use whatever you have available in your kitchen. This upcycling challenge invites anyone in the Creatubbles community to participate. One winner will be selected every second week. To select the winners, the Quirkbot team is looking for three qualities in your robot: personality / storytelling, technical ingenuity and sustainability. So, the more household waste you use, the better!

The Quirkbot Robot Creatures kit

The Quirkbot Robotic Creatures kit comes with packed with material and also allows for upcycling of household waste material such as old cartons and pet bottles , so you can create creature in any shape or form you can think of. Your creatures are easily programmable and, thusly, makes a wonderful tool for STEAM learning. Quirkbot also offers a 20+ page downloaded educator’s PDF guide for ideas and lesson plans to start off with. But, the sky’s the limit and if you let your imagination run wild, you’ll be building and programming your very own unique robotic creations before you know it.

Can you keep it rolling? 😀 #edtech #quirkbot #strawbees

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Take a look at robotic creations that creators are already sharing on Creatubbles and be sure to upload some of your own.

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