Creatubbles partners with Strawbees, the Swedish creative toy company!

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Building toys have considerable cognitive and motor advantages for children of all ages. In addition to the academic benefits, playing with construction toys is inventive and just plain fun!

Construction play allows children to think creatively, problem solve, use hand-eye coordination and develop their spatial abilities. But, construction play isn’t only for young kids. A study by Oostermeijer and Richardson found a link between tweens and early adolescents engaging in construction play and superior performance on tests involving spatial skill and mathematics. And of course, as we continue to learn as adults, employees, such as engineers, architects, scientists, designers (and then some) continue to construct models to master the structures they’re creating.

Strawbees becomes a “Share with Creatubbles” partner

We’ve partnered with Strawbees, the award-winning prototyping toy for makers of any age. Now, Strawbees creators can comfortably share, discover and engage with other creators in over 50 countries around the globe! Creators can access Strawbees dedicated galleries to showcase their own creations, be inspired by others and share insights on new creative ideas. All creators can safely upload their creations from desktop, mobile or tablet, always for free.

Since Strawbees has become a “Share with Creatubbles” partner, creators can:

  • Upload and share images and videos of Strawbees creations on the official page
  • Write an creator’s statement describing the creation
  • Record a voice file describing their creation
  • Add original music to bring creations to life
  • Get positive feedback from creators around the world
  • ‘Bubble’ creations that they love and let others know they enjoyed their work

Strawbees’ kits

The Strawbees kit comes with simple units called Strawbees, that lets you connect straws to each other and build little to huge mechanical objects from just straws and cardboard. It stimulates the imagination and encourages storytelling. Each kit comes with an instructional booklet to help you get started. You can also find even more fun ideas in the play guide.


With Strawbees, you can always modify things as you go, add straws, cut straws, or add new connections to get a sturdier, more flexible or bigger structure. Nothing is destroyed, only modified. Play, learn & invent!

We can’t wait to see your Strawbees inventions! Be sure to share them with us on Creatubbles.

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