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While attending the 2016 French Lick Teacher Blogger Retreat, I learned that one of the amazing sponsors was HUE Animation and that teachers, who attended the retreat, had the opportunity to get a free HUE Animation camera, use it in the classroom and write a review!


Your HUE Animation kit comes with the camera, software, a USB cable and a guide book.


I suggest reading the complimentary book beforehand because it is a great resource. I also searched YouTube to see what others have done with the camera  and to make sure I truly understand the process myself. Then, I made a Smart Board presentation to share with my kids. This is a great tool to teach adults as well. My student teacher used this as a guide for her project!

The Smart Board and the PowerPoint presentation are attached below. Click on the pictures to download the presentation and use in your classroom!









Smart Board presentation









PowerPoint presentation

Here’s how I ran my lesson:

1. We went through the smart board presentation and reviewed all the parts of the camera. We examined the different roles for each student, what to expect from their behavior, how to properly treat the camera, and we watched a video (included in the presentation) on how to take pictures.

2. My students  split into production teams and began their journey into making a movie about their rainforest animals! They were given information sheets about their animals and note-taking materials. They then researched, wrote down the facts and created their pictures. They also created their animals, laminated them and glued them  to popsicle sticks in order to make them move in the beginning of their movie!

3. Afterwards, they took all their materials (notes, pictures, headings, etc) and placed them in the order they wanted their movie to be in. My first graders loved this activity!

4. Once they had everything the way they wanted, the movie production began. They set up the camera and view, the way they liked. They took  pictures and narrated the movie. All we did was assist when they asked for help and made sure things ran smoothly!

5. When we completed our movie and  exported it, we had three choices to share it with:  Creatubbles, YouTube and QuickTime.


Creatubbles is an awesome safe global community that has partnered with HUE Animation. Creatubbles allows us to upload our HUE Animation movies and other creations to a site that is safe for our kids to use. Once uploaded to Creatubbles, students can share a link to their creations with their friends and family to enjoy!

Here are just a few things we found to be helpful when making the movies:

1. Take several pictures of the different objects or drawings – this will give you a good amount of space to add narration. We suggest taking around11 different pictures and set them at 1.00.

2. Make sure it is really quiet around the camera and computer since other noises can be picked up while recording.

3. Save your work as you go along.

4. If your students are going to use illustrations, we found that the brighter the pictures the more vibrant the movie is. My class used Kwik Stix paint sticks!

Here is a video of me teaching my class about using the HUE Animation camera.

Here are two movies my students made! They did an amazing job!

The HUE Animation camera is easy-to-use, makes research projects more enjoyable and creates lasting memories.

Have you created any stop motion animation movies? Share them with creators in over 50 countries at www.creatubbles.com.


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