Creatubbles partners with HUE Animation, the kid-friendly stop motion animation software

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Stop motion animation is one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques. In this blog, with our new partners HUE Animation, we explain how you can bring it into your home or classroom, and share your animations with a global audience.

Stop motion animation is a great tool for kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. Part of the reason it’s so popular in schools is that stop motion animation is a lot of creative fun, but still requires a large degree of conceptual thinking. You might think that stop motion animation is just for art rooms, but it can be used as a tool to teach any subject you can imagine. For example, in English lessons, creators can recreate a scene from a book, or they can illustrate fractions in math. Creators can even conduct a science experiment by using the time-lapse feature to watch a chick hatch.

We’ve just launched our partnership with HUE, who is famous for its award-winning kid-friendly stop motion animation kit – HUE Animation Studio! Parents love it because it is the best kind of “screen time,” teachers love it because they can teach STEAM in a powerful new way and students love it because they have so much fun.

About HUE Animation

Each HUE Animation Studio kit includes the stop motion software, a HUE HD camera and a 60 page book full of colorful and creative ideas for making movies. Creators can animate anything from their favorite toy, Lego figures, clay creations to a 2D drawing. They can then edit their creation, add sound, text, special effects, or fix any errors. Once they are happy with their video, they can save and share their amazing work by pressing the “Share with Creatubbles” button. Then the entire Creatubbles community, can view, “bubble” and be inspired by their creations.


How teachers use HUE Animation

Teachers around the world are using HUE Animation kits to inspire and engage their students. Here are just a few examples of how teachers are integrating stop motion into their lessons.

Kristen Poindexter, a 15 year veteran kindergarten teacher from Indiana, USA, leads the charge in inspiring future scientists and mathematicians. She uses stop motion animation as a interactive way to teach her students about tadpoles.

Teacher Cindy Price, a kindergarten teacher from Delaware, taught her students about the rainforest using her HUE Animation kit. For tips and tricks on how to use the camera, as well as an outline of her lesson, be sure to read her blog, Mrs. Price’s Kindergators.

Heidi Neels regularly uses stop motion animation to teach her first grade class a wide range of skills and subjects. Take a look at this lesson about the Earth, Moon and Sun. She has even used stop motion animation to teach them how to tell the time on an analogue clock.

These are just a few of the many possibilities of stop motion animation. Now that HUE Animation is part of our partner network, we look forward to seeing even more inspiring videos and projects, uploaded from users worldwide.

To see animations that users have already been sharing on Creatubbles and find out more about HUE Animation visit the Page on Creatubbles.

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