5 tips to help your kindergarteners take creative risks

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Creativity is essential for children’s education and personal growth. Though students may not seem initially inclined toward creative thinking, they can still reach their potentials if their imaginations and sense of exploration are nurtured. We took a look at 5 ways to help your kindergarteners take creative risks.

1. The process provides a greater learning opportunity than the result

One of the most important aspects of learning through creativity is that the focus is on the process, rather than on the end product. For example, you may task your students to paint with a variety of colors and some uncomplimentary color mixtures may result in an ugly brown blob. What your young students learned while mixing the paint, seeing the varying degrees of colors, and measuring the ratio of each color in a mixture, outweighs the outcome. The creative process of mixing paints calls for concentration, inspection, exploration and discovery.

To monitor and encourage growth, teachers can store each of your students’ paint-mixing projects on Creatubbles, detailing the colors mixed, along with the ratios. Students can refer to their past creations to distinguish between complimentary and non-complimentary colors, which colors are dominant and how to create desired shades and hues.

2. Making materials accessible can motivate students to create on their own.

Give your students free time to explore their creative selves on their own. Art materials can be as simple as a cardboard box in a corner, filled with scratch paper, crayons, markers, watercolor paints or colored pencils. Allow students to freely create without a prompt or particular direction.

Other creative materials, such as blocks or Lego helps develop spacial reasoning and fine motor skills.

Lego dollhouse movie

“LEGO MOVIE” was made by creator SAE, at 6 years old, in Japan. Teachers can explore Creatubbles to find more awesome Lego activity ideas. Click on the image to see the full movie.

3. Unleash your students’ creative potentials by opening boundaries.

As the old adage goes, “kids need boundaries.” Though rules are obviously set in place to keep your students safe, limiting them from exploring the world can hinder their creative development. Give your students the free range to test colors and medium in the classroom or explore the beauty of nature on field trips.

For schools that simply don’t have the resource for students outings, Creatubbles is a great way for students to see what others are creating around the world. Students can explore thousands of creations, and ever reach out to creators they are inspired by. Creatubbles allows students to become part of a wide, global community from your own classrooms.

Start exploring Creatubbles

4. Encourage originality by setting an example.

Kids learn by seeing and mimicking behavior. That means, in order to encourage originality, you must be original yourself. It is important for children to know that there is not only one (right) way of performing a task, solving a problem, or creating something new. As your students feel more comfortable following their individual voice, the more likely they will believe in their own abilities and build their creative talents.

Positive feedback also encourages students to trust in themselves. Everyone on Creatubbles can receive positive feedback in the form of bubbles! Students can also send and receive encouraging messages in the comments section of their creations.

5. Making a mess can stimulate a free flow of ideas.

Make a mess — literally and metaphorically. If your students aren’t allowed to get their hands dirty, are limited by the materials they’re allowed to use, or restricted by countless rules, they’re chances for exploration and discovery are cut drastically. Allow your students to focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t.

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  • Yes, and children are naturally creative. We don’t need to teach them, we need to get out of their way. Have a look at Subdury Valley School http://sudval.org to see the wonderful results when we do this!