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It seems like summer just flew by! Even though we enjoyed the hot sunny days, the long nights and the fun activities we did with our kids, families and friends, we’re very much looking forward to what’s in-store for the new school year. We thought we’d take a minute to reflect on the events from the past year to open up new possibilities and give us inspiration for the upcoming one.

Tech in the classroom

This past year, we teamed up with some incredible developers to create the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod. Basically, anyone with access to Minecraft and has a Creatubbles account can upload their creations straight onto their Minecraft builds! That means that your very own drawings, paintings, sculptures (and more!) can hang on the walls of a structure that you built on Minecraft. And vice versa, creators can upload images of their builds on Minecraft directly onto their Creatubbles galleries.

You and your classroom can download the Minecraft Mod for free!

A cool class initiative

Earlier this spring, we collaborated with CoderDojo Champion and Minecraft Educator Marco Vigelini on a global Minecraft student initiative. Students were asked to create pieces of art that described the country, city, or neighbourhood that they lived in. Next, using the Creatubbles Minecraft Mod, students would share their creations in a beautiful in-game art gallery, built by Minecraft experts Solari. Students were able to visit galleries from other students around the world, as well as message each other about their creations.

la casa d'inverno by hfarm03 (9Y Italy)

la casa d’inverno by hfarm03 (9Y Italy)


Rainbow by djdominykas (13Y Lithuania)

Rainbow by djdominykas (13Y Lithuania)

A hands-on workshop

Recently we work with FacesiMake creator, renowned artist and educator, Hanoch Piven to host a free online webinar and hands-on workshop. Known as “the artist that cannot draw,” Hanoch’s collages, made from everyday objects, have appeared on the cover of publications, such as Rolling Stone magazine, Time and Newsweek.

Hanoch’s workshop, entitled “Communicating with art” had participants from Oman, Jamaica, USA, Italy, Israel, India, Pakistan, Poland and more! After Hanoch’s 10 minute introduction, participants were requested to create their own collage-style portraits! This lead to a group discussion on the process of creating each piece of art. In fact, teachers from over eight countries over the globe connected and discussed ideas through play and art.

Here are some of the amazing creations made during the webinar:

Hanoch Piven by architutto (51Y Italy)

Hanoch Piven by architutto (51Y Italy)

Created by Julie Naamani by Hanoch Piven (Global)

Created by Julie Naamani by Hanoch Piven (Global)


Teachers can always feel free to sign your class up for our next webinar and join in on the fun!

School by maryami (14Y  Canada)

School by maryami (14Y Canada)

Are you looking for creative ideas and activities to do throughout the 2016-2017 school year? Be sure to check out our Teacher resources section for fun, engaging ideas on integrating creativity into your core lesson plans, making learning fun while on a budget, connecting your students to the world and more! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates about any events, webinars or initiatives that we will be hosting.

This year, be sure to share all of your students creations with us by creating galleries for your classes! Sign your students up for their free Creatubbles account and showcase your creations to other classrooms around the world! As an added bonus, you can sign up your entire class in one go. Check out our How To for more information on how Creatubbles works.

Have any questions for us? You can always contact us at with any concerns or any fresh ideas you may have.

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