The best summer jobs for teachers who want to stay active

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For some educators, finding a job during the summer months is a necessary evil that can bring stress and irritation. It can be difficult to find the right job – one that will allow you some flexibility and still pay well – and you’ll probably want to take advantage of the warmer months to exercise and have some fun for yourself.

There are some jobs that combine all those qualities if you know where to look, and some of them can even be done from home. Here are a few of the best.

Experience the great outdoors as camp counselor

When I was teaching, I spent many summers working at a summer day camp. It was a great summer job because it was a lot of fun and also gave me the opportunity to learn many hands-on teaching skills that I was able to transition into my classroom. There were many fun activities we did at summer day camp – such as helping students write and “publish” their own books – that I was able to use later on for my school-year students.

Even if you don’t live near a traditional sleepaway summer camp, there are likely day camps or museums (including children’s museums and science centers) that will be looking for instructors. With your experience working with kids and an enviable knowledge base, this could be the perfect job for you and would allow you to stay active by helping with museum walking tours or running around with camp kids.

'British Hills' by 32Alena at 9y (United States)

‘British Hills’ by 32Alena at 9y (United States)


Care for little ones as a babysitter or nanny

This job might not be completely flexible depending on the parents’ needs, but you’ll be able to work with kids, earn good pay, and remain active (because we all know children will keep you on your toes). With parental permission, you might even be able to take them to the pool or on field trips to the park.

As a teacher, you can never have too much experience working with kids. You could even look for an opportunity to spend the summer nannying a special needs child; you’d be an excellent and qualified candidate, the experience would be incredibly rewarding, and you’d gain invaluable insight into working with children with disabilities.

'child' by KenanOk (at 13y, Turkey)

‘child’ by KenanOk (at 13y, Turkey)


Coach through the YMCA

Another job that will translate well from your experience with kids: become a coach! Coaching a sport will allow you to spend time outside as you work with children to build up their self-esteem. You reap all the benefits of teaching while getting plenty of exercise, plus you get to have a blast and bond with your team in a completely unique way. Check out local YMCA programs, or ask your school administrators if there are any sports programs going on during the summer.

'Sportsmanship' by NepeanSportsPlx (at 15y, Canada)

‘Sportsmanship’ by NepeanSportsPlx (at 15y, Canada)


Get Red Cross-certified as a lifeguard

If you’re a good swimmer and live close to a pool or the beach, consider becoming a lifeguard. You’ll need to contact your local Red Cross chapter to get certified in lifesaving skills, but after that, you just need a whistle and some sunblock, and you can prepare to sit back and watch over the swimmers.

Although most class field trips won’t involve a pool or open body of water, you never know when lifesaving skills could come in handy as a teacher. A student could simply hit his head and fall into a park fountain, requiring resuscitation. Solid CPR skills can literally save a life in an emergency, so certifying yours can only be beneficial!

'Swimming with Friends' by Yumi (at 6y 9m, Japan)

‘Swimming with Friends’ by Yumi (at 6y 9m, Japan)


Get exercise dog walking or pet boarding with

If you love animals, consider checking out, a site that pairs up pet owners with responsible caregivers. Because most people have a hard time getting home during the day to let their beloved pooch out, they need someone trustworthy to come to their house and provide dog walking services. This job would be stress-free, easy, and fun, and would allow you some flexibility while getting in some exercise outdoors.

There are also many pet owners who need a longer-term solution for their needs than just a dog-walker, and that’s where you come in by providing in-home boarding for pets. When pet parents leave town, they need someone to take care of their furry friend for several days or weeks, so you’ll earn money while you’re playing with a loving animal. You can stay active with them by taking them to a local dog park or on long walks around the neighborhood.

'Dog' by AmyD and RinoS (at 12y, Thailand)

‘Dog’ by AmyD and RinoS (at 12y, Thailand)

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