Communicating with art: webinar recap with Hanoch Piven

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It’s only natural that Creatubbles, as an international digital platform on which creations are shared, should put on an across-borders workshop. Participants, each sitting in front of his/her computer, in their respective countries, are able create something and share it with their fellow workshop participants through Creatubbles.

We had the opportunity to try this idea last week in the first webinar that the Creatubbles team and myself, conducted together.

Even though I have more than 15 years of experience conducting workshops where participants express themselves by creating a collage every day, this was my first experience in working with people who are present in different countries. We had people present from Oman (!), Jamaica, USA, Italy, Israel, India, Pakistan and Poland, and more. So exciting!

The Webinar took an hour and included 20 participants. Each participant was required to collect a buffet of “found” objects and bits and pieces ahead of time. Following my 10 minute introduction, participants were asked to create a self-portrait. This took them around 30 minutes to complete. It was lovely to observe the process and progress of the different pieces on split screens. In the last 15 minutes, we discussed the creations and the thought processes that went into them. More importantly, we heard from teachers in eight countries all over the globe and connected for an hour through play and art!

Hopefully, this will be a first of many webinars to come! We’ll keep you posted.

Check out some of the amazing creations participants made during the webinar:

Hanoch Piven by architutto (51Y Italy)

Hanoch Piven by architutto (51Y Italy)

Created by Julie Naamani by Hanoch Piven (Global)

Created by Julie Naamani by Hanoch Piven (Global)

My Unconventional Self Potrait by tracyevans61 (18Y USA)

My Unconventional Self Potrait by tracyevans61 (18Y USA)

Created by Alka Deshpande  by Hanoch Piven (Global)

Created by Alka Deshpande by Hanoch Piven (Global)



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Hanoch Piven is an Israeli illustrator, author and TV presenter whose work has appeared in most major American magazines and newspapers such as Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone and in many European publications. He has taught and lectured in many art schools around the world and holds regular workshops that aim to help children and adults to create art with everyday objects.