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Parents can unequivocally agree that their wee ones are full of energy. Keeping your kids healthy, happy and their little minds nourished is a full-time job. A bit of inspiration from time to time never hurt anyone. So, we’ve brought you a list of the top parenting blogs to give you creative ways to spend quality time with your kids.

1. Mess for Less

Mess for Less is a parenting blog, created by teacher and mom Vicky, who wants to entertain and teach her own children, no matter how busy the day is. Mess for Less has it all, providing blog articles focused on parenting activities, arts and crafts, play time, family friendly recipes and even DIY toys for your cat! Mess for Less is a one-stop-shop if you’re looking for creative, fun family time.


2. Childhood 101

Early Education teacher and mom Christie Burnett started her parenting blog in 2009. Since then, the blog has provided hundreds of ideas and parenting articles written by her team of parents. This two time winner of Best Parenting Blog, Childhood 101 offers insight from arts, imaginative play, core subjects like math and science to food and family time, positive parenting and garden spaces.


3. A Mother World

A Mother World is a complete lifestyle blog for mothers, including style, entertainment and giveaways. As the name suggests, the blog is geared toward mothers and blogger Maria Lianos-Carbone tackles tough parenting subjects, such as dealing with bullies.  She also gives creative advice on how to take photos of your baby, keeping your kids busy this summer or even ideas for mom ME time. If you want to read about all-things-mom, be sure to check out A Mother World.

4. I Love Being a Dad

Let’s not forget about all the dads out there looking for inspiration and perspectives on parenting. I Love Being a Dad is a blog started by New Yorker, Wendell Jordan Sr., who shares insights on positive parenting, growing older and moving forward as a person and with your children. I Love Being a Dad is fully loaded with insightful articles from choosing the right movie to finding your niche.

DAD by eunsaeL (9Y Japan)

DAD by eunsaeL (9Y Japan)


5. The Washington Post

The On Parenting section of the Washington Post gives parents a big advantage because it features different guest bloggers from all over the world who give expert advice on particular subject areas. From coping with sadness, race questions, special needs to summer camp, the Washington Post has it all.

6. Jenny on the Spot

Created by blogger, retired teacher and mom, Jenny Ingram, Jenny on the Spot doubles as both a mommy and a lifestyle blog. Jenny says that the main focus on the blog is to entertain, make you laugh, bring you to tears and hopefully teach something new. Jenny covers health, food & drinks, style & home, family, and DIY. Take a look at her site for fun family projects, like the boredom buster jar.



7. A Mummy Too

Award-winning food, lifestyle and parenting writer, mom and photographer Emily Leary started A Mummy Too in 2011. Visitors to A Mummy Too can expect a daily food recipe, tips and video guides. Even more, the blog offers a recipe index with over 350 ideas, a food section, in addition to lifestyle and family sections. Moms can visit A Mummy Too for beauty and fashion tips, find good causes, get caught up on finance or literature and find creative ideas to do with your kids. How fun are these Minecraft balloons?


8. About a Mom

About a Mom is another lifestyle and mommy blog that deserves attention. This blog features recipes, travel, family fun, crafts, technology, giveaways and pets. If you’re looking to find DIY projects for your animals, brush up on new gadgets to simplify your life, or spend time making creations, such as popsicle stick school buses with your kids, About a Mom is the site for you. About a Mom also suggests playtime activities you can do with your family rain or shine.


9. Life as Leels

Life as Leels is a parenting blog that encompasses all kinds of lifestyle subjects, like arts, crafts & DIY, books, pets, household and more. Creator Leila Brenner is a self-proclaimed cat lover, so for all you cat enthusiasts out there, you can find projects such as a DIY cat litter covered box. Leila also has book reviews, for parents looking to read on your downtime. And in addition to articles on parenting, Leila also provides creative activities to do with your kids, like Minecraft Coloring Sheets.


10. Long Wait for Isabella

Long Wait for Isabella is a feel good family and lifestyle blog, created by LaVonne Long. In addition to covering fashion, finance, technology, entertainment and family life, LaVonne provides great suggestions on how to stay healthy as a parent. From nutrition, to exercise, to even reclaiming your independence through disability, Long Wait for Isabella makes sure that parents are nourishing their bodies and their minds. Don’t forget to check out Long Wait for Isabella’s parenting section for tips on bedtime, finding the right car seat, and temper tantrums.

Have you done any projects from these blogs with your kids? We’d love to see them! Be sure to upload your creations to


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