Creative ideas to do while traveling

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It’s summertime and many people are taking advantage of the warm weather for quick trip to the countryside or off on a beach vacation. Whether it’s an hour-long trip on a plane or several more in a car, we all know one thing, your little ones get restless. Entertaining your tykes is key while you’re en route, so why not give them some creative projects to keep their hands busy? We’ve brought you some fun, creative ideas to do while traveling.

1. Scrapbook your memories

Sure, you’ll take tons of photos on your trip, but this time around be sure to save the simple things that trigger memories of the places you’ve visited.  Any postcards, receipts, metro cards or flyers that you might have received from museums, favorite restaurants, have a place in your scrapbook. Don’t forget to add any flowers or leaves from favorite parks or campsites you stopped through on your trip. On your way back home, give your kids an empty scrapbook, a glue stick, and the momentoes you collected on your trip. You can also give kids crayons, colored pencils or markers to decorate the scrapbook with. They’ll have hours of fun!


2. Document your travels with disposable cameras

A fun way to capture vacation memories from vacation memories from your kids’ perspective is to give them a disposable camera. Not only can they take photos of the places they are visiting, but the precious moments they share between each other while on the plane, or in the backseat of the car. You can also develop the pictures while on your trip and give your kids a photo album to decorate and fill up with their photographs.


3. Keep a play-by-play with a travel journal

American crafts gives step-by-step directions on how to make a really fun felt travel journal that you can make with your wee ones before you head out on your trip. However, you can also always give your kids a notebook and supplies to decorate it with on your way to your holiday destination. Parents can entice their kids to fill out their daily activities by writing prompts on each page or asking questions about their day.


4. Create a short travel video

An interactive, lasting way to document your vacation is to make a one minute travel video. You can even use your smartphone. Both parents and kids can act as director and actors in your video. The best part is that you can shoot at any location, whether en route to your destination, a night out on the town, or a sleepy ride back home. Together with your kids, you can make this project as silly as possible, or challenge yourself to be true videographers.

5. Decorate your windows with sticky notes

A fun and inexpensive way to keep your little ones entertained in the backseat is by allowing them to decorate the back windows with sticky notes. Kids can use the sticky notes to create designs on the windows with the sticky notes or color on the sticky notes to create masterpieces. Take this art project a step further and create a sticky note storyboard about your trip.


Have you and your kids made any cool creations while you were traveling? We’d love to see them! Be sure to upload them to Creatubbles to share with other kids around the world.


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