Fun summer art projects

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Summer’s here, the sun is shining and the kids are home from school. And while summer is the time for your kids to relax and play, why not include some fun, creative projects in their daily routine? We’ve brought you some ideas to get you started.

1. Pool noodle horses

Remember the classic stick horses from your childhood? Now, your kids can design and create their very own horses, using pool noodles! To create your own stick horses, you’ll simply need pools noodles, duct tape, googly eyes, fabric scraps cut into strips, felt for the ears and a glue gun (for moms and dads to use). Your kids can have fun all summer long riding their horses in the yard, or take them along with you to the park!


2. Giant sun weaving

A fun way of spending time with your kids outside, while creating a fun, art project is to weave a giant sun from materials you can find in your house and backyards. You can create your sun by collecting four sticks, breaking them into four foot lengths and binding them together in a star shape.  Find all of the yellow material and thick yarn you can find and tie them together. You and your children can weave the material between your sticks and you’ve got yourselves a sun! Take it a step forward and create the entire galaxy in your own backyard!


3. Flower painting

Now that summer’s going strong, flowers are blossoming all around. You and your children can pick wildflowers from a public field (daisies work the best) and bring them home for painting. Shorten the stems to help press the flowers while painting. Aside from fresh flowers, you’ll need white drawing paper, watercolor paints, a paint brush, water and scrap pieces of  paper. Have your little ones carefully paint the flowers any color they want and press the flower between the drawing paper and the scrap paper. While making your flower prints, feel free to talk to your kids about nature and the ecosystem.


4. Sandpaper t-shirts

You and your kids can create shirts for everyone in the family. This is a fun and useful creative project for you to do with your kids that can be worn for years to come. All you’ll need is sandpaper, crayons, white shirts, and iron and a towel. Have your children draw their own masterpieces on the sandpaper to design the t-shirt with. Remember, the print will be a mirror image of what your child draws, so be careful about adding names or words. Once the designs are done, simply iron the sandpaper onto the shirt face down. Place a towel between the shirt to make sure the crayon doesn’t bleed through. And voila! Your kids have created their own print designed shirts!


5. DIY paper kites

What better time to fly kites than over the summer? You can share a fun, interactive activity with your kids by creating your own kites. Have your kids paint any design they wish on a 36” wide white paper, or tape several sheets of paper together. Tape two sticks or dowels on the reverse side to make the kite sturdy. Wrap the paper around the sticks in a diamond shape. Attach string to the kite for your child to hold onto while it soars in the sky.


6. Design your own flower pots

Summer is a great time to add new flowers to your garden or window sills. You and your kids can personalize your home by decorating your own terra cotta flower pots. For this project, kids can paint their pots, collage onto them, or use any other material you’d like to. The sky’s the limit! Just remember to use waterproof materials if your pots are going to be placed outdoors.


7. Homemade sidewalk chalk paint

Sidewalk chalk art is a fun and easy way to spend any dry summer day. Instead of buying sidewalk chalk, your family can create their own sidewalk paint with materials you can find in your own kitchen. All you’ll need is cornstarch, food coloring, water, paint brushes, some containers to put the paint in and plastic bottles for squirting. Take your kids outside to paint amazing images all over the sidewalk. This paint may seem a bit watery at first, but as the paint dries, their creations will be filled with vibrant colors.


8. Paper dream catchers

Give your kids sweet dreams throughout these long summer nights by creating your own DIY paper dream catchers. Just cut a circle in the middle of a paper plate and glue strips of construction paper in a woven pattern in the middle. You can also add strings to the bottom of your dream catcher that will sway in the wind.  Now, it’s up to your kids to design their dream catchers anyway they want. Parents can provide paints, crayons, markers, jewels or feathers to give the catchers a more authentic touch.

This would also be a great opportunity to talk to your kids about Native American tribes who first created dream catchers and why they were an important part of their culture.


9. Tin can windchimes

Do you remember the sound of windchimes lulling you to sleep while you were growing up? A creative, DIY project that you can spend the day with your kids creating your own wind chimes.

Give your kids tin cans of different sizes to design. You can always tape any sharp edges to avoid children cutting their little fingers. You can use paint, construction paper, glitter or any other fun materials you find around the house to decorate your windchimes with. You’ll need yarn to hang the windchimes and small round washers to clang against the tin cans. Hang the final creations on your porch or outside your child’s bedroom window.


10. Milk carton bird feeder

Want to bring some summer creatures into your yard? You and your family can create a milk carton bird feeder from recycled materials found in your house. Your kids can use any waterproof paints or materials to design your bird feeders. Jane Lake provides instructions for creating your bird feeders, but your family can feel free to make any adjustments to personalize your own. Set it up in your yard and watch the birds and squirrels flock to your creation.

Have you made any awesome, summer art creations? We’d love to see them! Don’t forget to upload them to Creatubbles to share with other kids around the world. 


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