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Check out this amazing step by step STEAM lesson on how to build a robot by Cristiana Zambon. It’s so simple to do and the kids love it!

While studying the topic of electricity as part of the science curriculum, I’d planned to make a simple electrical circuit with my class.


But when children saw all the electric wires, batteries and LEDs, they asked me if we couldn’t make something more impressive instead, like maybe a robot? They were so happy with the idea that I just couldn’t say no to them!


So, I thought about combining the two projects. We could draw a robot on a piece a cardboard and put an electrical circuit on the back with two LEDs that could light up. They liked the idea a lot and we got straight to work.

We used a rectangular cardboard tray as a base.


Everyone drew and decorated their own robot with paper and colored paint.

Then, they had fun taking apart a broken computer and reusing the screws, circuit boards, bolts and other interesting electronic parts. They glued these parts onto their robot, giving it a more realistic look.


They each built an electric circuit on the back of the cardboard tray. Instead of welding the circuit, they fixed the connections using electrical tape. So, the children could safely do the whole project by themselves and even redo it at home if they wanted.


One half of the circuit was completely taped down to the cardboard base and the other half was only taped in the middle, leaving part of the circuit cables loose. That way, all that needed to be done to close the circuit and light up the LEDs was to touch the battery with the loose cables.


The end result was really great! Every robot was unique different and they all lit up.

You can see the whole project in this three-minute video.

You can also find the rest of the robots my students made on Creatubbles, in the “Our first robot” Gallery created by Maestracri. 😉


Our first robot

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Cristiana Zambon is an Italian primary school teacher who is environmentally-conscious, passionate about technology, art and all forms of creative expression. She runs creativity and professional development workshops aimed at teachers, children and families at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Rome. She shares her experiences of innovative teaching through her blog Righe Quadretti e Byte.