Fun ways for students to memorialize their school year

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Summer is nearly here, and though most teachers are over the moon with the thought of sleeping in, this time of year is not without its weepy goodbyes. Why not leave your students with a lasting memory of the time spent together in your class? Here are some fun ways to memorialize your school year.

Cuddly class quilts
Teachers of teeny students can have their kids create a lasting memento as one of their end-of-the-year projects. Each student can design a square in a class quilt by painting their favorite memory from the school year on a 12 inch square cloth. Along with other end-of-the-school year ideas, Education World suggests that each student share what their square is about with the rest of the class, giving your students a final moment to bond with each other and reflect upon the year. If cloth is not readily available, a quilt can also be made with construction paper and crayons.


Playful gift bags for primary school

Teach Junkie offers a great suggestion for keeping students active and learning throughout the summer months by giving them a pail filled with academic items, like books and toys. Teachers should also include a letter instructing students on how to use the materials to promote learning. This project can be adjusted to fit any primary school grade level.

For classes that want to go green, or are simply on a budget, students can design their own paper gift bags, or make takeaway boxes from cardboard or construction paper. Include art materials in the bag, such as construction paper, colored pencils, markers or clay to stimulate your students’ creativity while on holiday. Also, provide students with creative assignments that they’ll have fun completing over the summer, like making molds of insects they find in their backyard.

Middle school printmaking 101

Middle school students can commemorate their favorite historical or literary figure, event or story by creating a print. Provide students with a rectangle of cardboard and have them cut and scrape away the surface to expose the corrugated pattern underneath. Then roll the scraped cardboard with relief printing ink or acrylic paint, using the inside of a paper towel or toilet roll. Then, simply press the cardboard onto another sheet of paper and voila! Your students have created their very own print.

High school ad agency

A fun and interactive way for your high school students to memorialize their experience in your classroom this year is to make a commercial. Students can brainstorm about what makes a commercial compelling and pick one of their favorite topics discussed in class during the year. Then, in groups, students should invent a product that correlates with their topic. For example, Cindy, from Art Curator for Kids, had students advertise Queen Nefertiti Makeup and an Ancient Egyptian Funeral Parlor! The groups can then create a script for their commercial, including taglines and jingles. Once ready, students can either act out their commercials, or take it a step further and record them on a smartphone to play in front of the class.

Create a free online portfolio

Looking for a way for you and your students to save their artistic work indefinitely? With Creatubbles, you can quickly and easily create an online portfolio to upload, save and share all of the creative projects made throughout your class. Students and parents can access all of their creations for years to come.

Have your students completed fun, creative activities to memorialize their school year? We want to see them! Create a end-of-the-year gallery on Creatubbles for your graduating class.


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