The Minecraft Challenge – now double the fun!

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This week we have a great example of how Creatubbles can be used to connect kids and teachers everywhere. This week two students that live over 300 miles away from each other, are joining together to create an April Minecraft challenge for other crafters to take part in!

You may remember Owen, the 9-year-old Minecraft enthusiast that invented the Minecraft Challenge. Since January, he has regularly posted Minecraft tasks and invited other players from around the world to join him in uploading the results a Creatubbles gallery.

"Volcano obstacle" by tjones2 from the United States

“Volcano obstacle” by tjones2 from the United States

The gallery has seen submissions from all over the world including the US, UK, Italy, Australia, Turkey, and more! One participant, 12-year-old Wyatt, enjoyed the challenge so much, that his teacher reached out to Creatubbles to see if they could connect with Owen and create challenges too!

So welcome to April’s bumper edition of the Global Minecraft Challenge! Now double the fun!

To take part, all you have to do is complete one or more of the challenges below and submit a screenshot to this Creatubbles gallery!

Owen’s ChallengesWyatt’s Challenges
Week 1: Create your favorite Superhero’s building (i.e. Stark Tower, Guardian Palace, Captain America’s boot training camp)
Week 2: Build your favorite Superhero’s vehicle (i.e. Iron Man’s tank, Captain America’s motorcycle, Thor’s chariot)
Week 3: Create your favorite hero’s symbol (i.e. Iron Man helmet, Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer)
Week 4: Create your own unique hero (i.e. mutant hero working with Professor X)
Week 1: Build an obstacle course
Week 2: Build a model of your favorite Minecrafter (Wyatt’s is Gavinofree)
Week 3: (this coincides with Earth Day!): Build a community garden
Week 4: Build something to keep those pesky creepers away from your home!

Don’t forget, when you have uploaded your Minecraft creation to Creatubbles, be sure to write an Artist Statement about which challenge you are taking part in.

It’s easy and free to join in the fun. All you need is a Creatubbles account. Sign up today! And if you want to make saving your Minecraft builds to Creatubbles easy, don’t forget to check out our amazing mod!



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