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Our partner Tio launched on kickstarter and offered a great challenge to students everywhere. They asked kids to share their designs for a moving Tio toy. They selected two during the first week of April to make into a real working object!

Students were tasked to draw their designs, or make 3D models, and upload a photo of them to this Creatubbles gallery.

“Speed Cola” was made by creator Brian, from the US, when they were 7 years old. “Speed Cola” was created used Tio and was shared in the Inventors & Creators Gallery on Creatubbles. Visit the gallery to see more amazing inventions.

Tio is an amazing kit that allows children to create app-controlled toys and inventions with everyday objects and materials like recycled and craft materials. The toys can be made out of literally anything, Lego, old toys, gadgets or even 3D prints.

You can see more about the kit and see a special message from the Inventors of Tio in the video below:

Co founder and inventor Peter Spence told us: “Our journey has been very exciting and rewarding. It started with dummy wooden blocks and toy wheels. We asked children to imagine their dream building block’s features and to make cardboard mock-ups of the toys and inventions they would love to create. By acting out scenarios in which they controlled and programmed their models from a smartphone, we gained the first ideas and framework for the app that brings it all to life.

Many months later, we have experienced first-hand how children as young as three and adults as old as 86 have been able to bring their imagination to life in a few minutes. Their creations couldn’t have been more different including a moving lego robot, water bottle racer, remote-controlled GoPro, craft merry-go-round, 3D printed race car, rotating UFO, flapping butterfly and toy crane.

We now need your help to bring Tio to kids of all ages. Take a look at our kickstarter campaign and please support us however you can. And don’t forget to get involved in the Creatubbles community by sending us your ideas for an amazing Tio toy!”

Want to stimulate the inventors in your classroom? Creatubbles is a great place to find inspiration and connect with other student inventors to ask questions or collaborate. Take a look at Tio’s page on Creatubbles to see all of the amazing inventions shared in their gallery. Students can upload, store and share their own inventions to look at at anytime and inspire the Creatubbles community across the globe. Here’s some ideas for robot inventions to get your students started!

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