The Global Minecraft Challenge – Extended!

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If you love Minecraft or know any young people that love to craft, then get involved with the Global Minecraft Challenge!

Since the beginning of the year, 9-year-old Owen from the USA has been challenging kids from around the world to build something new each week. You can see the gallery here! The tasks start off easy and get harder and harder. There have already been some amazing creations from Belgium, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic and many more! Now we’d like to see if there are any fans from anywhere else on the planet and find out which country has the most Minecraft fans!

All you need to do is set up a Creatubbles account, and upload a screenshot from any of the challenges you have completed to his gallery.


January’s Challenges

Week 1: Create an everyday structure, such as a shelter that would include doors, windows and roof.

Week 2: Create a path for transportation. (e.g. Roads, Bridges, Train tracks)

Week 3: Create an automatic system. (e.g. A switch or button to activate something.)

Week 4: Create a world and share with someone you know, to build collaboratively together.

February’s Challenges

Week 1 is to build a vehicle

Week 2 is to build something to do with your vehicle

Week 3 is to build something for your community

Week 4 is to build something MASSIVE!”

Owen would especially love to see participants from India, China, Germany, South America and everywhere else. Listen to his interview right here!


Why not get your school or your friends involved and share your amazing work!



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