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What’s a busy teacher in urgent need of new engaging lesson plans to do? It is easy: visit the Creatubbles Pinterest page and find tons of inspiration! We’ve compiled a list of 20 awesome teachers to follow. Their boards will leave you bursting with new ideas in a matter of minutes!

1.The Teacher Gene

Teacher Gene’s boards are based on the blog with the same title and are packed with resources for pre-school and K-3 art lessons. We particularly like the ‘Fast finishers’ board with activities for children who always finish their tasks first and/or become bored really easily.


2. Tara Leaver

If you are looking for an inspiration for middle and high school art projects, you should visit Tara Leaver’s collections. She not only highlights boards with great tutorials and interviews with artists, but also an almost endless list of art activities for older students.

3. Nic Hahn

Passionate educator and an avid Twitter user, Nichole Hahn is also a blogger known as MiniMatisse. Her boards are filled with lesson plan ideas for almost every grade, theme & ability.

4. Jeanne Bjork

With over 260 boards in Jeanne Bjork’s collection, you’re sure to find plenty of interesting ideas. Whether it is typography, paper crafts or iPad art, it is all there and ready to use!


5. Aubrey @ Montessori 101

‘Something magical is about to happen’ is the motto of Aubrey Hargis’ ‘Montessori Mischief’ blog. She is Montessori trained teacher and a mum of two, so all the tips and ideas she shows on Pinterest have been tested numerous times.

6. Tracy Evans

Tracy Evans is a Texas-based art teacher and cluster leader. In her Pinterest collections she shares a lot of art projects she has done with her students and some of her boards are the collaborations between her and other teachers from her district.

7. In Lieu of Preschool

Looking for great pre-school art and science projects? Visit the In Lieu of Preschool Pinterest boards created by a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mum, Genny Upton. No more bored faces in your classroom!

8. Allison McDonald

Sensory play, fine motor skills, and pretend play activities are among projects you can find in Allison McDonald’s (of ‘No More Flash Cards’) collections. As she writes in her bio, ‘early childhood education is her passion’ and you can really sense that whilst browsing her boards!

9. First Grade Fun Times

Packed with free resources, these Pinterest boards are perfect for all early years educators. Alisa Cosenza is a teacher from Venice Bay, US, so all her tips come from years and years of experience and practical approach to teaching.

10. Erin Wing

Self-proclaimed ‘kid wrangler’, Erin Wing is a busy educator and blogger at www.homeliteracyblueprint.com. Her perfectly organised boards can not only help you keep your classroom tidy, but also improve your parent-teacher collaboration. And don’t forget to visit her ‘Kid Projects’ board – tons of fun!


11. Mrs Brandon

Mrs Brandon’s collections are suitable for all middle school educators, who are looking for truly eye opening and growth-enhancing art projects. In her Pinterest collections she shows that creativity can stem from virtually every area and place. ‘Bacteria and Cells’, ‘Sporting Events’, ‘Global Pollution’ are some of the titles of her boards. Inspiring!

12. Robin Sellers

Robin Sellers of Sweet Tea Classroom blog offers not only great resources for early years teachers, but focuses on homeschooling activities in her boards, too. If you are teaching your children at home, make sure to check her ‘Homeschool Elementary (Curriculum)’ collection.


13. Laura Candler

Laura Candler has over 150k followers on Pinterest and her carefully assembled boards do not disappoint! With thousands of pins, you can find almost everything there, from cooperative learning resources to classroom management tips. Laura loves collaborating with other teachers, so you can find plenty of shared boards with ideas and tips from educators from all over the world.

14. The Measured Mom

Although not in the category of ‘Pinterest teachers’ (as she is currently staying at home with her six kids), Anna Geiger sure knows a thing or two about stress-free teaching and behaviour management techniques (remember: six kids!). If you’re looking for great art activities for babies and toddlers, check her Pinterest boards here.

15. Angela Watson

Angela Watson’s Pinterest collections are all about practical tips and professional development. A must-see for every educator interested in regaining work-life balance and finding a passion for teaching anew!

16. Emily Kate

Emily Kate blogs at secondstorywindow.net, but her Pinterest boards are more just than a collection of her posts. Organised by grade and subject, they can serve as a fantastic resource for all pre-school educators.

17. Malia @ Playdough to Plato

‘Parenting Magazine’ contributor, Malia Hollowell is an author of an inspiring blog ‘Playdough to Plato’. Her boards are filled with spelling games, crafts and STEAM-inspired projects. We especially recommend her ‘Dinosaur Unit’ collection, where she combines art activities with literacy and math for hours (or even weeks) of fun!


18. Seusstastic

Melissa Dillard is a teacher and blogger from Chicago. Her over 200 boards incorporate all subjects from language arts to classroom decor via brain breaks and technology.

19. Suzy Brooks

Engaging students, growth mindset and teaching about social issues are three important subjects on Suzy Brooks’ Pinterest boards. She also blogs at www.technicallyinvisible.com, where her motto is ‘Effort Affect Everything’.

20. Deedee Wills

Mrs Wills Kindergarten’s collections are focused on resources for all pre-school teachers. Whether you are looking into setting activity stations in your classroom or developing your students’ fine and motor skills, check her collections and get inspired!

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  • Nic Hahn

    What?? I’m a must follow!?? Thanks you guys. I love pinning and connecting via social media. I was delighted to see I made the list as I started to follow all the other ‘must follows’ in this post. Thanks for all the connections. That is one thing that I love about you Createbubble Team. YOU CONNECT US!

    • The Creatubbles Team

      Thank you, Nichole! It’s been our pleasure to feature your Pinterest collections in our post. We absolutely LOVE your boards!

  • Donna Staten

    Great list! I’m so sad that i didn’t make the cut! Check out my 500 boards (hidden ones don’t show) and almost 118,000 pins! I pin to be a resource for other art teachers. Donna Staten

    • 2 Soul Sisters (Karen Ray and Kim Daniel) appreciate you, Donna! And so do OUR STUDENTS!

      • Donna Staten

        Thank you!! I love your stuff as well!

    • 2Dv8

      Art Room Blog loves Donna Staten’s Pinterest page!

      • Donna Staten

        Thanks so much, Lee! See you in Chicago?

    • Donna you truly are the lady to follow!
      I always find such great stuff on your boards and I love how well organized they are!

      • Donna Staten

        Thank you!! I just followed your wonderful blog!


    Great list but, how could you have missed Donna Staten, the Pinterest queen of art education?