Minecraft Global Challenge (for Minecrafters)

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Do you love Minecraft? Then join the Minecraft Global Challenge!

Maybe you’re just learning how to craft in creative mode, or perhaps you’re an expert that wants to show off their skills with special mods and resource packs. Either way, this challenge allows you to share what you’ve built with other people around the world, and leave comments or questions on each other’s work.


The best thing is, a copy of what you’ve crafted is saved for you to keep forever and cannot be destroyed!

Every week for a month you’ll be asked by Owen from the USA to build something new. It will start off easy but get harder every week. We want to find out which country in the world has the most Minecraft fans, so at the end of January, Owen will count which country uploaded the most creations. If you want your country to win, make sure you get your friends to take part!

All you need to do is start a free Creatubbles account, and share screenshots of what you have crafted in this special Minecraft gallery . If you are under 13 years-old please ask a parent or teacher to set up a Creatubbles account for you.

There are four challenges. You can try one – or all of them!


Challenge week #1 –  Create an everyday structure, such as a shelter that would include doors, windows and roof.
Challenge week #2 – Create a path for transportation. (e.g. Roads, Bridges, Train tracks)
Challenge week #3 – Create an automatic system. (e.g. A switch or button to activate something.)
Challenge week #4 – Create a world and share with someone you know, to build collaboratively together.


Don’t forget to leave comments on other people’s work in the gallery. Let’s see which country in the world can upload the most creations!


If you are a teacher or parent, please find more information here.



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