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This week our blog comes from award-winning Canadian humanitarian, Loizza Aquino,15.

She is driving a huge global initiative called #kids4action, which will unite 1 million children through artwork.  Her project involves getting children from every inhabitable continent on earth to create a piece of art on a social issue that matters to them and to upload it to a Creatubbles gallery. Once the creations have been collected, they will be used to start discussions with governments, leaders and organisations around the world to help drive change.


I have always had an interest in helping others in any way. I don’t believe it matters whether you are young or old or whether you do something big, or something small, every small action and effort all counts. Whether it’s raising funds for victims of disasters, creating awareness campaigns, or speaking out to change something at your school. We all have the power to make a difference if we try.

Very recently, I was involved in a project at my school in which we all created a piece of art based on one of the 54 human rights articles from the conventions of the rights of the child. Everyone in my school district took part, meaning we had over 15,000 pieces of art based on issues that we care about.

This project helped us, as a community, learn about a range of issues worldwide, and share the importance of child rights. Being able to put yourself in other children’s shoes across the world and being able to relate to others is very important. That’s why I am challenging students everywhere to get involved with the #kids4action project. I want to get 1 million kids from all over the world to think about human rights issues, create a piece of art, and share it with the world.

You read in the newspapers all the time that our generation is irresponsible or lazy, and that we have not accomplished much. Technology has always seemed like something that has taken over our daily lives, but here is a chance to do something extraordinary with our devices. I believe there are so many of us that want to make a difference in the world. This project is a chance to show everyone what matters most to us. We can use the power of our artwork and to start demanding real change.

There are several ways you can get involved.

Upload your artwork

Create a piece of art on what matters most to you. It could be about bullying, environmental issues, anything you like. It could be a sculpture, a drawing, a digital piece you’ve created. All you need to do then is photograph it and upload it to the #kids4action page.

If you like, you can then write about what your art means to you, add a voice file using Adobe Voice or YouTube, or even create original music to accompany your piece by uploading a Garage Band file to Soundcloud and copying the link.

Get your school and friends involved

Tell your teacher, principal, friends or art club about the project and ask everyone to contribute.

Become a #kids4change Leader

If you feel really strongly about young people having a voice in the world on important issues and you would like to join me on the global mission you can apply to become a #kids4action Leader. All ideas about how to help children have a global voice are welcome.  Contact us to find out how you can join.

I’ll be making regular updates about the project here.  Please share any thoughts or ideas that you have about the project in the comments section below.

Follow Loizza on Creatubbles or on Twitter @loizzaaquino.

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